Sony has returned the new games for the subscription service PlayStation NOW in the PlayStation Blog. Thus, tomorrow, there are four new PS4 games on which you are looking forward to.

These PS Now games are included in November

The big highlight in November 2021 is safe for many the remake to mafia 1. But otherwise there are some top-class new entries in service:

Mafia definite edition (until 01. March 2022 in service)
Totally Reliable Delivery Service

These are the first games in December at PS Now: In contrast to most other months, however, two games are already known, which will be available in the service in the following month. These are Namely GTA 3 and Final Fantasy 10 / 10-2 HD.

The highlight in November: Mafia definite edition

Genre: Action
Platform: PS4, Xbox One

It s about it: Mafia: Definitive Edition is a remake of the first mafia of 2002. The original story campaign is included in an extended form with revised game mechanics, the original soundtrack stays. The focus is on the rise of Tommy Angelo, which works up from the taxi driver to a central figure of the organized crime of Lost Heaven, and of course also about the proverbial bodies.

When are the new PS now games ready? As a rule, they are always unlocked on the first Tuesday of the month. So this time you have to wait until 2nd November 2021. Mostly at noon, the new games will find themselves directly via the app or via the search and downloadable.

If you do not know if PS Now could be worthwhile for you, you should look in the following games article (display):

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That brought October for PS Now

In October 2021 were added to the service among others The Last of US 2 and Fallout 76. The last of us 2, however, releases the service on 3 January 2022. So now uses the time before the game is removed from the offer again.

Which game in the PS Now offer in November do you enjoy the most?