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CD project Next gene

The Witcher 3: Complete Edition™ | Next Gen Upgrade!

How CD project has announced in a stream to the revenue of the third quarter of the financial year 2021, both the Next-Gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will appear next year. While a publication in the first quarter of the financial year 2022 (January – March) is targeted for the supervised version of Cyberpunk 2077, the Next Gen version of The Witcher 3 will appear in the second quarter (April-June). For Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to the publication of the version for next-generation consoles at the same time, a large update for all versions of the role-playing game is also planned. In addition, it was officially confirmed that all players who already have the last-gene version of the titles or even acquire, upgrade them for free.

This PC strategy game has RPG dyes and wants us to direct the history of humanity

Have you ever thought how it would be to direct humanity from its own origin? That’s what FM proposes to us: The First Men, a new independent title based on the history of the first men who is already available in Steam to add it to the wish list.

With that curious starting point, although much more casual and fantasy, Gathering Tree offers us a game of simulation and strategy in real time in which we will start by controlling the first two, with the aim of going expanding the colony and building new foundations to ensure the survival of civilization.

The curious thing about all this is the approach, which lets us manage our territory as any other proposal for building cities, but in turn allows us to send different groups abroad to explore the world, acquiring RPG adventure dyes. Thus, we will obtain materials, we will place roads, we will create buildings and acquire improvements, but we will also discover unusual places, and we will face unknown enemies.

Top 10 Strategy Games Where You Control History

FM: The First Men will arrive at some point in the spring of 2022 to the Valve platform, where it has an anticipated access whose duration is expected to reach until two years. It is available for both Windows and Mac, and from the developer ensure that titles like Knights and Merchants or Rim world have served as inspiration.

Discover a secret in Zelda sky Majora s MMaskk twenty years later

The Legend of Zelda: Major’s MMaskk is one of the most special video games in the Nintendo saga. The sequel to Ocarina of Time made the concept of the pMasksage of time own and gave prominence to the figure of Skull Kid, identity and the moon. Now, more than twenty years after the original premiere of the work in Nintendo 64, a programmer hMask discovered through the game code something we did not know: The position of the stars of the sky hMask a why.

The best games of The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda, in what order to play the saga?

Nothing is chance: the stars of the sky of Major’s MMaskk have a meaning

Boundary Break: Majora's Mask
The Zeld640 user (via Game rant ) hMask indicated in the Twitter’s personal account of him that the position of the stars in the sky of Majora’s MMaskk is governed by an algorithm bMasked on the name of the player. Depending on the characters of the name entered at the beginning of the game, the arrangement of the stars will respond to specific random criteria.

This means that each player hMask unique constellations depending on his battery name. Although this Maskpect does not have any kind of linking with the gameplay — which we know — it is added to the list of symbolic elements of one of the darkest, particular and full of mysteries of the Rule hero’s intellectual property.

It should be noted that this circumstance refers specifically to the Nintendo 64 version, not to the Nintendo 3DS Remake developed by Arezzo we receive in 2014.

Both Major’s MMaskk and Ocarina of Time are a study product by both fans and programmers, who do not stop investigating the code of both works because of their extraordinary nature. Mask if of a mine it wMask, the years go by, and continue to find information and data of great documentary value that help us to understand a little better the genesis of the history of The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda: Major’s MMaskk You can play in Nintendo 64 with your original cartridge, in Wii U through the virtual console and, soon, also in Nintendo Switch through Nintendo Switch Online; But his date is not yet decided.

An open world survival DYSMANTLE that breaks anything Everything breaks prototype Developer interview

In video clip games, an open world is a game auto mechanic of making use of a virtual world that the player can discover as well as come close to purposes freely, as opposed to a world with even more straight and also organized gameplay. While video games have made use of open-world layouts considering that the 1980s, the execution in Grand Burglary Vehicle III (2001) established a requirement that has actually been made use of since. Games with open or free-roaming worlds normally lack degree frameworks like walls and also locked doors, or the undetectable wall surfaces in more open areas that stop the player from venturing beyond them; only at the bounds of an open-world game will certainly players be restricted by geographical functions like vast seas or impassable hills. Gamers normally do not run into packing screens common in straight degree designs when moving regarding the game world, with the open-world game using strategic storage space and also memory strategies to load the game world in a vibrant and also smooth fashion. Open-world games still impose lots of constraints in the game atmosphere, either due to outright technical constraints or in-game limitations enforced by a game’s linearity. While the visibility of the game world is a crucial facet to games featuring open worlds, the main draw of open-world video games is regarding giving the gamer with freedom– not a lot the liberty to do anything they desire in the game (which is virtually difficult with current computer technology), yet the capacity to pick how to approach the game and its obstacles in the order and fashion as the player desires while still constrained by gameplay regulations. Instances of high level of autonomy in video game can be located in greatly multiplayer online role-playing video games (MMORPG) or in single-player games adhering to the open-world principle such as the Fallout series. The primary allure of open-world gameplay is that it offers a substitute fact and also permits gamers to create their character and also its behavior in the direction as well as speed of their very own deciding on. In these instances, there is often no concrete goal or end to the game, although there may be the primary story, such as with games like The Senior citizen Scrolls V: Skyrim.

An interview with the developer of the new indie game I’m worried about this project. This time, we will deliver a mini-in-tavy to the open world survival DISMANTLE developer officially released on November 16 to PC / MAC.

This work is an open world survival action RPG in top-down view. In the post-apocalypse world where society collapsed, the player will be the protagonist who escaped from the shelter after a long time, and a violent creature aims to escape from the coming island. For more information on the game content, please visit the play report. Customary to Japanese.

Dismantle is delivered at 2,050 yen (1,332 yen off 35% off until December 1).

— First, please introduce yourself. What is your favorite game?

SAMPO10TONS’s deputy representative SAM PO. He is currently responsible for the PR of this work, and the development team is busy with the development of the update and console version.

Personally, the game I was probably the most played so far is Civilization.

THE LAST STAND Series history + developer interview (Con Artist Games) //  Flashlight

-Why did you start developing this work?

Same First, it started with a prototype that can be broken by anything and making various things from the material. This was a good feeling, so I made an open survival game that was a theme of relaxing post-apocalypse, focusing on this concept.

— Please tell me the characteristics of this work.

SAM PO Simple, Breaking everything broke and a relaxing post-apocalypse wide open-world combination is very characteristic. There is also a player who says that the broken thing in this work is almost all. In addition, this work is full of fun activities that have said agriculture, fishing and hunting. I think all these experiences have become one of this work.

— What kind of person do this work do you want to play?

SAM PO Open World, some mystery, relaxing post apocalypse, please play with anyone.

— Is there a work affected by this work?

Same Open World Elements are affected by the outstanding games. Post Apocalypse Net also appears in this work.

— Did you have an impact on development by new coronavirus?

There was only a Same. We sometimes perform remote work, especially before vaccination, was the main work center. It is a problem that communication is difficult and difficult to communicate.

— Is it okay to deliver and monetize this work?

SAM PO is fine.

— Lastly, please give a message to the Japanese reader.

Please enjoy the SAM PO this way!

–thank you very much.

◆ About attention indie mini questions
This series is a serialized plan that interviews the works with indie led by indie led by release immediately after release. Questions are formatted to format a regular serialization, and we aim to deliver the voices of many developers as much as possible. Enjoy more than 500 other interview articles.

Beautiful as Pok mon Diamant Pearl Fan shows developers where the hammer hangs

How I REALLY Feel About Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Remakes
Pokémon Ruby Version and Pokémon Sapphire Edition (in English: Pokémon Ruby Variation & Sapphire Variation), known in Japan as Pocket Monsters Ruby & Sapphire (ポケット モ ー ルビ ー & サファイア, Puerto Most Ruby & Mafia?), There are 2 computer games of the RPG style belonging to The third generation of the Pokémon legend, as well as the very first in its kind launched for the Video game Young boy Breakthrough mobile console of Nintendo. Both, note the beginning of the third generation of the series, and are embedded in a brand-new region called Horn.
Both editions have a considerable improvement in the chart relative to their predecessors, and are incompatible with them; Additionally, Objects of gold, silver as well as crystal Pokemon coming from the second generation vanish, while new ones show up. Both video games consist of even more than one hundred and thirty brand-new Pokémon personalities, although exchanging between versions you can just obtain simply even more than 2 hundred; To have them all, it is obligatory to trade with Pokémon Colosseum of the Gamete or with the reissues of the first generation that were integrated right into the 3rd for Game Young boy Advancement, Pokémon Red Fire and Environment-friendly Leaf.

Despite the fact that with Ruby as well as sapphire Pokémon’s popularity and also sales descended, they are the best-selling titles of the Game Young Boy Breakthrough with a total amount of thirteen million units all over the world. Among the uniqueness — in contrast with its predecessors — are the Pokémon competitions, which are first incorporated right into the saga, and also that consequently expanded to its successors Pokémon diamond and pearl.

Do not like the one, the others do not. The graphics and the style of Pokémon radiant diamond and luminous pearl columns the spirits. But a fan shows now: there is still a lot of gets out. On Reddit his small project is celebrated.

Pokémon remakes with current artwork

The Sinoh-Remakes, Pokémon Diamante & Pearl, entertaining players and players at the Nintendo Switch with their stories around the legendary Pokémon Polka and Diana. Despite all the joy of the newly installed fourth generation games, there is Also some criticisms of the fans — especially the graphics.

On the one hand, the choice of Chili characters is criticized, but on the other of the style in general. In social media, this is often described as very simple and detailed arm.

As a reminder — the remakes look like:

Caution, light spoiler for Pokémon Bright diamond and luminous pearl!

Now, a 3D artist shows how the two versions could have looked alternatively. The following video shows your Lucia with your LINDA as you hit the legendary Pokémon Areas:

The Creator of the Video, AdrianMendezzarcia, emphasized in the video as well as in the comment area that is not about a real game. So there will be no other videos for this project. The video was just for learning the hobbies and for his portfolio.

What does the community say?

Under his post, the artist receives a lot of popularity. Players and players think they would be exactly such a graphic of Pokémon games. The small details are also praised in the comments. Linda behaves extremely credible — after all, it hides out of fear behind his trainer, when the fearsome areas goes down from the sky.

Parts of the community mourn the afterwards what could have been. Had Inca, the developer studio behind the remakes, made as much effort — would we might have been a similar to beautiful Pokémon game ? One in the clothes and handbags moving realistic and the staging of the fighting actually transcends, as anxiety colossally some opponents are?

Névé the simple look and annoying bugs in the game, some fans also criticize the low level of difficulty of games. What the Pokémon Company holds it is here:

Marvel s Avengers s long awaited spider man update does not contain any one s own

The Marvel Cinematic Cosmos (MCU) media franchise includes many fictional components including places, tools, and artifacts. While numerous of these features are based on aspects that initially appeared in the American comics released by Wonder Comic books, some features were created particularly for the MCU.

Marvel's Avengers: Spiderman DLC Will Not Have Any STORY Missions! (Gaming News)

Only a year there was a stranded, but marvel’s avengers is finally getting his Spider-Man extension with PlayStation consoles. Spider-Man With Great Power Update not to many disappointments inside at all with its own mini campaign with tailor-made tasks. The story, instead, opposes the basic tasks and the challenges of the Tenant Audiologists and cartoonist intervals. Crystal Dynamics tells the reason that the studio wants to concentrate its resource content, of which all platform owners can enjoy. Listen can see in operations from the completed video of the news, thanks to the IGN. At the same time, with the Spider-Man, a Law RAID content packet is published in the aftermath of the War for Wakanda Land, which only arrives in PC and Xbox consoles alongside PlayStation. The update of Spider-Man and Law Raid’s update 2.2 will be published on November 30.

Autumn rebates in Steam The most outstanding discounts on AAA videogames

Taking advantage of the beginning of the Steam Autumn Sale of this 2021, we want to offer a selection of Video Games AAA at the best price, authentic super productions in the form of games of various genres at prices discounted for limited time. And it is that the so-called Triple A game are usually a technological showcinteresting AAAe of each era, taking advantage of the resources of the big companies to offer game experiences of the most impressive both audiovisual and playable level. Therefore, we do not want to miss the opportunity to expand our Steam Library with the most interesting AAA games at the best price.

The best Steam discounts in AAA Games

Do not miss the 15 most interesting AAA video games of Steam’s autumn rebates:

Devil May Cry 5 for 19.79 euros (before 29.99 euros, 34% discount)
Fora Horizon 4 for 23.09 euros (before 69.99 euros, 67% discount)
Eternal Doom for 9.99 euros (before 19.99 euros, 50% discount)
Dark Souls III for 29.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 50% discount)
Red Dead Redemption 2 for 29.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 50% discount)
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition for 13.19 euros (before 39.99 euros, 67% discount)
Cyberpunk 2077 for 29.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 50% discount)
Death loop for 29.99 euros (Nantes 59.99 euros, 50% discount)
Star Wars Battlefront II for 7.99 euros (before 39.99 euros, 80% discount)
Half-Life: Alex for 24.99 euros (before 49.99 euros, 50% discount)
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order for 14.79 euros (before 39.99 euros, 63% discount)
Death Stranding for 17.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 70% discount)
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition for 24.99 euros (before 49.99 euros, 50% discount)
Yakuza: Like a dragon for 35.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 40% discount)
Senior: Shadows Die Twice — Got Edition for 38.99 euros (before 59.99 euros, 35% discount)

VFB Stuttgart hopes against Mainz on the turn

U13 VfB Stuttgart - 1. FSV Mainz 05 1:0; FINALE Italo-Tedesco-Cup 01.04.2018
Stuttgart (German: [ˈʃtʊtɡaʁt] (listen); Swabian: Schubert [ˈʒ̊d̥ua̯ɡ̊ɛʕd̥]; names in various other languages) is the resources and also the largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. It is situated on the Nectar river in a productive valley recognized in your area as the Stuttgart Cauldron and also exists a hr from the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest. Its area has a population of 635,911, making it the sixth-biggest city in Germany. 2.8 million people stay in the city’s management region as well as 5.3 million people in its city, making it the 4th biggest city in Germany. The city as well as city are constantly ranked among the leading 20 European municipal locations by GDP; Mercer noted Stuttgart as 21st on its 2015 checklist of cities by high quality of living, technology agency 2thinknow ranked the city 24th worldwide out of 442 cities and also the Globalization as well as World Cities Study Network ranked the city as a Beta-status global city in their 2014 survey. Stuttgart was just one of the host cities for the official competitions of the 1974 as well as 2006 FIFA World Cups.
Since the 7th millennium BC, the Stuttgart location has been a vital farming area as well as has actually been host to a number of societies seeking to utilize the abundant dirt of the Nectar valley. The Roman Empire dominated the location in advertisement 83 and constructed a large ca strum near Bad Constant, making it one of the most crucial local center for numerous centuries. Stuttgart’s roots were really laid in the 10th century with its beginning by Rudolf, Battle Each Other of Swabia, as a stud farm for his warhorses. Initially overshadowed by nearby Poor Constant, the town expanded steadily and was provided a charter in 1320. The fortunes of Stuttgart transformed with those of your house of Württemberg, as well as they made it the capital of their region, duchy, and kingdom from the 15th century to 1918. Stuttgart succeeded in spite of troubles in the Thirty Years’ War and devastating air raids by the Allies on the city and also its car production during The second world war. Nevertheless, by 1952, the city had actually recovered, and also it became the major economic, industrial, tourist and also posting center it is today. Stuttgart is likewise a tranRhine Hesse junction, and possesses the seventh-largest airport in Germany. A number of major firms are headquartered in Stuttgart, including Porsche, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz as well as Daimler AG. Stuttgart is unusual in the plan of German cities. It is spread throughout a variety of hillsides (some of them covered in vineyards), valleys (particularly around the Nectar river and also the Stuttgart container) and also parks. This usually shocks visitors that connect the city with its reputation as the cradle of the car. The city’s tourist motto is Stuttgart supplies more. Under current strategies to improve tranRhine Hesse web links to the global infrastructure (as component of the Stuttgart 21 task), the city unveiled a brand-new logo and also motto in March 2008, describing itself as Was nee Her Europa’s ( The new Heart of Europe ). For organization, it explains itself as Where service fulfills the future. In July 2010, Stuttgart introduced a brand-new city logo, developed to entice even more organization people to remain in the city as well as delight in breaks in the area. Stuttgart is a city with a high variety of immigrants. According to Darling Kimberley’s Eyewitness Travel Overview to Germany, In the city of Stuttgart, every third occupant is an immigrant. 40% of Stuttgart’s citizens, and also 64% of the population below the age of 5, are of immigrant background.

Crashed Swabia against emerging Rhine Hesse: in the Fridays game of the Football Bundesliga between the VfB Stuttgart and the PSV Mainz 05 (20:30 / DAZN) meet two teams with completely different series.

While the guests have been unbeaten prior to the kick-off of the 13th match day since five mandatory matches and come to Stuttgart as a table acquirers, the Tables 16 conceded. Last three Bundesliga defeats one after the other and waits in the league since five games on a victory.

CFB coach Pelegrín Matarazzo demands from his players against the fighting and defensive mains, to hold on, to be disgusting, being hard to be intense. And of course to use the rooms for the front, offering the PSV. Show his team a despite the 1: 2 good performance as last at Borussia Dortmund, then they could win the game against Mainz.

Silas probably in the squad — Marmots in Started

In doing so, several offensive forces should help, which lacked for a long time due to injury. Thus, Torturer Silas Atom Mumps is probably back in the squad after eight-month break in a row of a cruciate ligament tear. An attacker Omar Marmots is expected to play from the beginning — and help to end the Rhine Hessey descent to the table cellar. Besides defenders Marc Oliver Kemp, offensive Tanguy Culinary (5th Yellow Card).

The PSV is missing next to the yellow-banned Stefan Bell also the battered central midfielder Dominik Bohr. Nevertheless, coach BO Venison expects his eleven after the moderate performance against the 1st FC Cologne (1: 1) more passion.

Body language and attitude did not like me, we missed aggressiveness and intensity, said Venison. If we want to fill our game with life, we have to put these components in the place. Because of the new Corona Regulation and the exclusion of alarm level II in Baden-Württemberg, the game takes place in Stuttgart at most 25,000 spectators.

They will launch a book that will document the history of the ps vita

Slow but safe, PS Vita It is increasing more and more at its tenth anniversary, so Sandeep RAI, Author, has launched a Kickstarter to publish a 400-page book that documents all the History of the now discontinued device. vita means life, that has a goal of £6 thousand euros, and that at the time of writing it has already overcome the £15 thousand, it promises to take a look at the events that gave life to the console, since it’s announced until Its complex launch and everything that follows him.

The History of the PlayStation Vita - Part 1 - NGP reveal, PSVita announcement
The novel, which is a compilation of three books that RAI has written before, was expanded with new material detailing some recent events. The final product will be divided into four sections, covering the history of hardware, interviews, retrospective, and a comprehensive library of all games listed for PS vita in Western territory.

If you are interested in acquiring it, then you can turn it off right now for £27 euros, and you should be arriving at some April sat of the following year. In case the Kickstarter exceeds £30 thousand euros, the author will also include a manual for collectors on each copy sold.

Editor’s note: Without a doubt it would be an interesting book, especially now that the PS Vita practically already came to an end. Hopefully the author in question complies with the launch of this book, because according to the money collected, he already has more than enough to move forward the project.

Star Wars Will there be a comeback of Kylo ren Adam Driver would be ready

In the Sequel Trilogy of Star Wars, the actor Adam Driver was known to see as Ben Solo Alias ​​Kylo Ren. Since the end of Star Wars Episode 9, it is not clear whether he will ever slip back into this role. Just to this question, he recently expressed himself in an interview.

What does Adam Driver say about the possible comeback in the Star Wars Universe?

During a conversation with the magazine Unclad, the actor spoke not only about some general things, but also about his possible return as Kylo Ren. The answer is not final, but should hope many of his fans.

Ben Solo Is Coming Back! This Is INSANE Adam Driver (Star Wars Explained)

No, I’m by no means against it. For me, it is a medium of the filmmakers. Therefore, it’s all about working with good filmmakers. The size [of the project] does not matter […] I follow only those People in which I have the interest in cooperation — and whether it is the right [project]. Such things just. So no, I definitely do not be averse.

What do other actors say to a star-wars comeback?

Only recently had Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy declared that she would like to continue the stories of the Sequel characters. Thus, among other things, it meant such figures like Rey, Finn and Po E. However, both Oscar Isaac (Poe Cameron) and John Bodega (Finn) have already emphasized several times, not necessarily a comeback.

Thus, a return of the Sequel characters from the Star Wars Universe is not categorically excluded, but the whole thing certainly makes a little more difficult. Which of course does not mean that we could not see some characters again.

Source: Unclad

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