Claudio Miguel Pizarro Bosio (Bellavista, October 3, 1978) is a Peruvian exfutbalist who also has German nationality. He played as a front center and currently performs as an ambassador of Bayern of Munich. It was absolute international and captain of the Peruvian national team, of which it is the fifth historical scorer. Widely considered as the top exponent of Peruvian football in Europe and one of the best strikers in the world in the 21st century. It is the footballer Latin American more scorer and winner in the history of football in Germany. Recognized as a legend of Bayern of Munich, Werder Bremen and the Bundesliga. In addition, it is the second top scorer of the Bundesliga in the 21st century.
It is, according to the expert portals in historical statistics of Rec.upward trend.Soccer Statistics Foundation and the International Football Federation of History and Statistics (IFFHS), the eighth South American scorer in the history of European football with 282 goals and is the fifth Latin American With more goals in European competitions (Champions League and Europa League), with forty-eight so many.
The professional debut of him occurred in 1996 with the fishing upward trends club. In 1998, he went on to the ranks of Alianza Lima, where he won a closing tournament, being highlighted as the best player of the season. In 1999, he was filed by the Werder Bremen of the Bundesliga. Just a year later, he was elected as the revelation player of the championship and was included in the ideal eleven of the 2000-2001 season. In 2001, he signed by Bayern Munich and in the following seasons won an Intercontinental Cup, two Bundesligas, four glasses of Germany, two glasses of Germany League and a German supercopy. In addition, he was the top scorer of the Germany Cup in editions 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.
In 2007, he signed by Chelsea Football Club: he scored on him and achieved the subcampeonate of the Premier League at the end of the season. In 2009, he returned to Bremen, where he was champion of the 2009 Germany Cup and Supercup of Germany 2009, as well as consecrating himself as a top scorer of the European League 2009-10. In that season, it was considered the tenth best player in the world according to the FIFA Castrol index. In 2012, he was hired again by Bayern de Munich, with which he won a Champions, a Club World, a European Supercup, a Supercopy of Germany, three Bundesligas and two glasses of Germany. He thus be the foreign footballer who most titles won in the history of Bayern Munich; With a total of eighteen titles. In mid-2015, he returned to the Werder Bremen. In 2017, he was hired by the colony, from which he dissociated a year later to return to Bremen.
Pizarro is the Peruvian footballer with more scored goals and disputed parties in Europe and German football. It is the second foreign scorer and sixth historical scorer of the Bundesliga (197 goals). It is also the Latin American footballer with more scored goals and titles won in the history of German football. It is the ninth historical scorer of the Cup of Germany (34 goals), Historic Historic Toy of the Werder Bremen (153 goals), Ninth Historic Bayern Scorer of Munich (125 goals), Tenth Historic UEFA Europa League scorer (24 goals) and fifth historic scorer of Peruvian soccer team (20 goals). He is the foreigner with more games played in the history of Bundesliga and the Cup of Germany. He is considered a Bayern idol of Munich and the Werder Bremen, clubs in which he marked more than a hundred goals in each. Besides being one of the footballers with the most seasons played in the history of the German league. It is also The most veteran player to score a goal at the Bundesliga (at forty). He is considered a living legend of the Bundesliga; being compared with other German football legends like Franz Beckenbauer.
At the level of international competitions he is the 4th Latin American scorer at European Cups (Champions League, UEFA Cup and UEFA Europa League) with forty-eight goals. He standing alone behind Lionel Messi, Alfredo di Stéfano and Sergio Agüero. In 2017, he was among the twenty-scorers in the history of UEFA competitions.
With the Peruvian team it is the 5th historical scorer with twenty goals and the tenth with more parties (85). With the absolute selection he has as a presence a bronze medal obtained in the Copa América Chile 2015. He was a participant in the Copa América Peru 2004, the Copa América Venezuela 2007 and Copa América Chile 2015.

Due to the last minute defeat at the 1st FC Heidenheim, the latest upward trend of FC Schalke 04 in the 2nd Bundesliga on Friday was stopped – and just days after the embanker cup at third division 1860 Munich. In the fan camp, call again after the expulsion of coach Dimitrios Grammozis loud.

A bitter bankruptcy for FC Schalke 04 and, from the point of view of the fans, a main debtor: coach Dimitrios Grammozis got on Twitter all the annoyance of the trailer after 0: 1 in Heidenheim.

A frequently accusation: Grammozis Lasse on Schalke Anti-Football play. Comments that demand his dismissal enjoyed a high encouragement on Twitter.

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FC Schalke 04: If we win, then only about individual class

In particular, for lack of understanding with the Schalke fans, Grammozis in Heidenheim, despite playful insomnia, only used two of his five change options for fresh pulses.

Only in the 79th minute he brought a fresh player with Blendi Idrizi. Against life, Grammozis switched only in the detention time after the households had achieved the lead after a free kick.

You do not stop with Grammozis ball, a user predicted. Another fan analyzed: If we win, then only about individual class and not about the tactic of Grammozis.

FC Schalke 04 also excreted in the DFB Cup

The fact that FC Schalke 04 could celebrate four league victories in a row in the last few weeks and remained without goal, was quickly forgotten on Friday night in the foggy Heidenheim. After the out of the Cup at 1860 Munich during the week (0: 1) there was the second bitter defeat for the Grammozis-eleven the second bitter defeat within a few days.

For the S04 coach it is not the first time that there is a counterwind for him in Gelsenkirchen. Criticism of his person and the little inspiring game idea are pulling themselves as a red thread through the season.

Nonetheless, Schalke 04 continues to have all the trumps on the direct recruitment in his own hand. As a table greater, the revier club is in stroke distance to the top teams FC St. Pauli and Jahn Regensburg.