Trainer Dimitrios Grammozis does not want to deal with its expiring contract at FC Schalke 04.

I m completely relaxed, I was already in my time at Darmstadt 98, said German Greek the kicker.

Grammozis had taken Schalke in early March after the release of Christian Gross, but can not prevent the descent into the 2nd Bundesliga. Only in the case of direct recurring its contract is extended automatically.

It makes it really fun with the cadre after the descent cadre, one had a good mix, the 43-year-old swarmed. We had to take a huge change in the summer under not quite simple conditions and have a deliberately decided for this path. On the one hand for professionals who have some experience and have proven their class. And on the other hand, for young challengers with development potential.

Grammozis supplemented: The players are very good with each other, they meet even privately for food or football show. That s an important factor.

FC Schalke 04: Dimitrios Grammozis defends itself against criticism

Against criticism of his passenger decisions before the recent trophy from third division in 1860 Munich, Grammozis reshaped. We did not break wild, but had three changes in the starting goal. But we lost the game. That s why it s clear that there is this discussion. The fact is that we do not as a team, especially in the first half So played as we did that.

The Schalke chef coach referred in this connection to the closely clocked schedule of the Schalke: The topic of load control also plays a role.

Not only the financial losses, Schalke go through the departing spare 500,000 euros through the rags, employ grammozis. We also annoy ourselves from athletic view. We absolutely wanted to come to the next round.

Despite the economically extremely strained situation in the scarce Grammozis winter transfers closed. There we have not yet made a concrete thought, but it s something that we will tackle together in the coming weeks. The winter transfer phase is never lightweight – even right not to find affordable quality. We have to make every decision well Through, this is again very challenging for us.

Dimitrios Grammozis expects HSV and Werder Bremen

Battle announcements in the race for the Bundesliga return Very Grammozis, although Schalke last six of seven games won and now ranked three of the second league table: It confirms week after week, that it is a really hard league. No opponent gives you Something, you do not have a minute time to shut down just briefly – not even if it s already 2: 0. Our players take it very well.

Better than the royal blue are tabulated currently only the FC St. Pauli and the surprise team Jahn Regensburg there. The teams that are up to date up there make a stable impression. I am convinced that the HSV will climb even further. Werder will play a role, Grammozis said.

The S04 coach also expressed itself for the risky, but so far successful decision to dispose of Ralf Ferryman for the current season and to carry Martin Fraisl to the new number one: I m not knocking on my shoulder now, I met her at the time because I was convinced of it, and I am glad that it has ran well so far.