KENA: The developers of Bridge of Spirits, Ember Lab, have just confirmed that they have already recovered their initial development costs. Although the studio did not specify how many copies of the game they sold, they revealed that the expenses had been recovered and that all the people involved were satisfied with sales so far.

It is hard to say what s a huge success , said the founder of Ember Lab, Josh Grier, during an interview. Sony is content .

Apparently, before signing an agreement with Sony, co-founders and Brothers Mike and Josh Grier admitted that their Pitch Kena: Bridge of Spirits had actually attracted several big game publishers. They were surprised by that because they had never developed video game before, being an animation studio. When Sony approached them, of course they were very happy.

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At the beginning of 2020, Sony was preparing to officially announce its new generation console, the PlayStation 5. The company s marketing studio actually worked in close collaboration with the brothers Grier to refine the trailer of Kena: Bridge of Spirits so they can go out. Next to the new console. They were well aware that such a project would be their decisive moment for the game industry.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has arrived, and a physical showcase for Kena: Bridge of Spirits was out of the question. The grier and their team had to imagine a video for a digital showcase in the enclosure of their office. Their cameraman even had to put on a complete combination of protection against hazardous materials just to do the job. It was done professionally , said Josh Grier. But, very bizarre .

Despite the restrictions, everything went well for the Kena team: Bridge of Spirits, and their project attracted a lot of attention and passed the game to others. I think it helped us to place in the first line, in terms of games they were going to highlight and present when they could. , Added Mike Grier.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was launched last month and he received a lot of solid criticism. The game turned out to be an essential part of the Sony range for PS5 this year. Since other successful titles have been delayed, the company would have put a lot of muscle marketing in the game and treated it like a big fall output.

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