The International Telecommunication Union (ITU International Telecommunication Union (ITU); Spanish and French abbreviation UIT; German also World News Association) based in Geneva is a special organization of the United Nations and the only international organization, which officially and worldwide with technical aspects of the Telecommunications busy. It is organizer of the World Feature Conference (WRC), which lasts the executing order for the radio service (Radio Regulations, RR), as well as the global conference for international telecommunications services (World Conference on International Telecommunications, WCIT), the Executive Code for International Telecommunications Services (International Telecommunication Regulations, ITR)

The 34-year-old borne Hesse confirmed on Thursday at a press conference on the Circuit of the Americas, that in his Aston Martin the engine has to be changed. Because the permitted number is exceeded, he gets a punishment. For the four-time world champion, this means another setback in a noble very browned first season with his new team. Before the race in Austin, Vettel occupies the twelfth place in the classification.