Marvel s Spider-Man of Insomniac Games brought us a number of tributes and very characteristic elements of the stories of trepamuros to PS4.

Aunt May was one of the iconic characters that appeared in the adventure of the open world, although now we have been able to know that she will incially have not been.

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Dan Slott, Writer and scriptwriter of many of the comics of Peter Parker , worked with the study of development to give life to the history of the video game and has been talking about all this.

In an interview with Games Radar +, Slott mentioned one of the most important friction in the creative aspect he kept with insomniac: Aunt May did not enter the plans of the company.

They maybe that Aunt May was only a voice on the answering machine or by phone. In a very early version, they did not want Aunt May not even a NPC.

The decision of this responded to a matter of work. The modeling of an older person as it was going to be May would take a lot of effort.

They were telling me the reality; According to them, older characters, wrinkled characters, so that they look good and realistic, you need a lot of work. Just as they could use to create another five characters , the writer commented.

Despite this, Slott remained firm in his idea of ​​introducing May in the game, something that Insomniac ended up, fortunately, since May contributed a great emotional charge to the game and the arch of Peter himself.

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The scriptwriter stressed that it had been fantastic to work with the studio in the game. He now plays to continue preparing for Marvel s Spider-Man 2.

The Vice President of Marvel Games compares him with the empire counterattack and has commented that it will be a much darker delivery than the previous game.