Das Action-Adventure ist ein Computerspielgenre, das Elemente des Adventures mit Elementen des Actionspiels kombiniert, also sowohl das Lösen von Rätseln als auch Geschick erfordert.

Already available on PC, Skul: The Hero Slayer, action game / platforms mobilizing elements of Rogue-Lite, has just announced October 21 on consoles. The heroes only have to stand, the little Skul daemon is on the way to kick them the back.

In fantastic medieval universe all that is more commonplace, a demon king has finally inclined before a conquering humanity, after the adventurers from the four corners of the map have allied to the imperial army to triumph. All the demons of the castle were taken prisoners, except one: Skul, a small skeleton all Choupinou but Costaud, decided to occure these satanes hero who took possession of his house and imprisoned his congeners.

Under its harmless creature tunes, Skul can actually change head – or rather skull – and thus get devastating powers. The SouthPaw Games studio thus announces by less than 90 skulls and as many different power to discover over the adventure. Two skulls can also be equipped to make combinations each time different. The levels are generated randomly, Skul will have to confront the heroes well decided to eliminate the last demon still at liberty and each chapter concludes with the encounter with a boss corrupted by the Dark Quartz. In short, a very classic sum program that shows the trailer broadcast today, promises a lot of noise and fury for the 21st of October, when the title is expected on consoles.

Video Skul daemon

Skul: The Hero Slayer – Trailer Consoles