PS5 s high demand has actually left Walmart with unfinished orders, as well as now there are rumors of the merchant apparently hoarding gaming consoles. .

The current-gen consoles demand doesn t appear to be waning at all.

Presently, we are reaching the last quarter of 2021 and also the restock situation has improved.

Although, despite a much better picture than in previous months, PS5 scarcity is still a concern.

Some retailers are still impacted by this.

Namely, Walmart is leaving many unfulfilled PS5 orders and also currently there are rumors of possible hoarding of consoles.

Walmart Seemingly Hoarding PS5 Consoles.

This rumor has actually been running around for time.

By the end of 2020, several were already grumbling that Walmart was hoarding PS5 gaming consoles and precisely selling them.

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Also, clients were pretty dismayed regarding exactly how PS5 supply was being managed.

Many mentioned on Twitter that the console remained in supply in several places according to Walmart s system, yet it was not available online to acquire.

Basically, this led many to the theory that Walmart is hoarding PS5 consoles.

Additionally, another concept specified that staff members were in fact hoarding consoles to sell them after hrs.

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In conclusion, quickly forward to 2021 and also the rumors continue.

A video on TikTok acquired traction, showing a substantial quantity of PS5 gaming consoles on what is purportedly a Walmart warehouse.

Walmart Unfulfilled PS5 Orders Issues.

Moreover, some discuss this video clip mentioned that lots of gamers are distressed mostly as a result of unfinished orders.

According to some comments, some clients are waiting on PS5 unfulfilled Walmart orders back from August.

Furthermore, Twitter users have also joined this issue train, sharing their unhappiness.

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Likewise, Walmart Canada clients whined about unsatisfied PS5 orders.

Recently, consumers additionally whined that Walmart was still pending to meet Nintendo Switch OLED orders .

Actually, the situation with the Switch OLED was so dire that Walmart was providing shocking advice to some customers .

With hoarding or otherwise, one point is clear, console shortage is still a fact.