Kena: Bridge of Ember Lab spirits contains about 210 collectibles in its 10 regions. These rich of rich and meditation spots (which are the key to increasing Kenas maximum health – see here for more details) to hats and Spirit Mail. If you want a full 100 percent completion and all trophies, it is important to collect them.

Even if they could run around in a normal playing around to find each collectible piece, it is possible to return to the world after completion of history. Since all different areas are unlocked, it is easier to trace back and accumulate missing collectibles. Let s go through the individual collector types and their functions:

Red – there are a total of 100 red and their purposes are manifold, from solving puzzles about healing from Kena in the fight to executing special attacks as soon as enough courage is built. Apart from the fact that they are in the world, several red are preserved by progressing normal by history.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Release Trailer
Hats – as mentioned in the previews prior to publication, you can collect various hats for the different red. Hats can be found in secret areas or in chests, but that s just part of the process. Next, it s about going to a hat cart and then buy the relevant hat with gems (although this does not apply to hats earned by the progression of history). While many of the hats can be worn by all red at the same time, some of the rarers can only be used individually. In addition, normal hats start at 10 gemstones and costs up to 100 gems, but the rarer require 500 gems each. In total there are 51 hats in the game to collect.
Bouquets – These are certain places that have been damaged. You must defeat all enemies near or loosen a specific puzzle to revive them. The revival of a shrine rewards Kena with gems and karma. Overall, 24 bouquets adorn the world.
Ghostpost – There are 10 ghost mail to collect, and these are to unlock the different houses in the village. With the e-mail you can remove the corruption that blocks the input of a house, and access all rewards in it. Each house is a mailbox that contains an indication of where the respective ghost mail is located. Sometimes it comes to a fight in an unclosed house, so remember when you go in.
Collamp chests – as mentioned above, can be found in different places various collectibles such as rot, hats and gems. These include cursed chests that light up red in contrast to the normal chests. Opening leads to a challenge against enemies, eg. B. killing a certain number before the end of time, killing a group and suffering damage, etc. There are a total of 13 cursed chests, some of which are only available after completing certain subtasks.
Meditation points – these are used to increase the health of Kena. Many of them are nearby important boss fights, but can also be found on hidden, remote locations.

To find all collectibles, look at the video of the Game Tippss Channel below. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Read our official review for more details or go here for more tips and tricks.