Sinoalice The strange hybrid of gacha games, JRPG tropics and dark fairy tales, comes alive with its latest event, Incarnation of Envy. There has been a constant stream of new content for the mobile title since its global launch and the Incarnation of Envy event will provide even more structure with players who start Sinoalice , as well as interesting rewards.

How to play the event Incarnation of Envy

To participate in the Incarnation of Envy event, you will need to navigate to the Story tab once in the application. Above and right of the main history icon is an event entitled icon. Here you will find the page of the Incarnation of Envy event.

This is a unique path centered on Cinderella separated from the main story. Although it seems that you can progress in the event by reading the Cinderella chapters in the main story, it will not advance your event, and progress in the event will not count as completing the verses of history main. The stages of the event take place in the same way as the steps in the main story with some waves of enemies and a boss. The difference This time is that the meetings will include information on the history of the different nightmares you will encounter along the way.

SINoALICE - Incarnation Of Envy Event -

The event is supposed to be centered around Cinderella and although it is not required, you will receive a boost of statistics if you play as it for the event. If you have not yet unlocked Cinderella, you will need to finish chapter 1 verse 1 of the Cinderella path for the main story.

Rewards for the event Incarnation of Envy

The Incarnation of Envy event will consist of 10 verses. Finish verse 3 will unlock the work of Cinderella / Sorcerer – a volume and a specialized magic in Cinderella – that you can use throughout the game. You can also unlock a new nightmare: Drizella, the jealous snake.

The invocation of DRIZELLA in history or the Colosseum will give you the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of water. Get DRIZELLA is not a guarantee. The dropout rates for Drizella, the jealous snake are:

Verse 3: 1%
Verse 9: 4%
Verse 10: 5%

Finish other verses from the event will also bring you a lot of twilight crystals. Note however that you can not progress in the event through cooperative battles. Go ahead and get your Cinderella / Sorcerer while you can! The event Incarnation of Envy will last until July 7, 2020.