Already since September 7, 2021, the Tennis Manager 2021 is on the market and should inject a new era. While the tactical genre was flourished in football year after year, in the world of tennis, they were looking for a real virtual alternative. With Tennis World Tour, the first steps in the escort were made among the big name Roland Garros, but the project is still in its infancy.

The French Publisher Rebound CG wants to change that and starts with the Tennis Manager 2021 an ambitious project. But can it compete with his established models from football?

Feberer, Zverov and Djorovic – Missing licenses as an interference factor

In order to cover the biggest minus point with the tennis fan: the non-existent licenses are a mandrel in the eye. Although only a single letter is always twisted or completely omitted, still scratches the lack of charm of the game.

The missing licenses are currently still a problem. Tennis Manager 2021

By means of mods, it is possible to bring the databases to a realistic status in the game and erode the problem with the invented names. Thus, the focus can be placed undisturbed on the actual heart of the game.

All beginning is hard

At the beginning is the creation of the character on the plan. In doing so, one decides not only for a particular appearance, but also for attributes, which determine their own competence and at the same time the difficulty of the game. Without a team and proteins, however, you can only celebrate his job as a manager.

Therefore, one has to decide for an academy whose leaders man takes over as head coach. Optionally, there is also the possibility to set up its own academy and to determine their philosophy, budget and orientation themselves. Here, the Tennis Manager 2021 reveals a variety of interesting facets that significantly increase the playback value.

The targets for each season bring the right spice to the game. Of course, for a self-founded academy, the requirements are still relatively low and are based primarily on financial milestones and the steady development. On the other hand, one takes over one of the prestigious and successful academies, you have to measure your own performance at other standards (e.g., title or placement in the world ranking). As usual for managers, there are many details to be observed. The entry is steep, it should be scheduled for some time until you find yourself in the game.

The match as the highlight for tactic fox

After the obligation of the wish player, it goes to the introduced. The matches of the tournaments can be tracked live. You can not expect a graphic peculiarism – similar to the Football Manager – but by no means. This is about the simulation of the tactics and strategies to which one has laid in preparation. In the end it goes in managers to pay and data – and not the optical force.

A real eye-catcher should not be the game anyway. Tennis Manager 2021

Interesting is the versatile statistical area. In addition to accurate data on the individual ball changes you can take the previous moves and their results in the 3D analysis in more detail below the magnifying glass. Here, it reveals whether the accented effects set in training show and where still has to catch up. Headpoints, surcharge range and check area are probably the most important keywords. The Heat Maps provided complete the analysis package perfectly and offer tactic fuses plenty of space to experiment.

E-mail, calendar, employee – Tennis once different

Tennis Manager 2021 barely distinguishes itself from other games of the genre. The inbox forms the centerpiece, here one spends a large part of his time. Between the feedback from each employee about messages from media to training and play reports. Who wants to bring it far in the world of virtual tennis, should take the time and pay attention to the incoming messages.

Chef trainer, physiotherapists, analysts: Thanks to the staff scale, it is possible to give the obligations to his helping hands as desired. Above all, the system facilitates managerial newcomers to get the step by step to their duties. All areas can also be delivered so that the game would degenerate to a pure calendar simulation.

The conclusion to Tennis Manager 2021

At first glance, the game is just something for sworn tennis fans. But similar to the great role model Football Manager, the problem of complexity is excellently solved thanks to the support of employees and is also accessible to the average fan.

The debut of Rebound CG has succeeded and has potential for the future. Through the cooperation with the German Tennisbund (DTB) in coming parts may even be a cooperation with the world associations ATP and WTA. The tennis manager makes, even without licenses, more than a solid impression. WEADER GAMING NEWS AUST Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on earlygame .