Kena: Bridge of Spirits of Ember Lab is out there and gets some pretty good reviews (you can see ours here). How many action adventure titles has it more than its share of boss fighting. How many bosses can you expect and how do you like to defeat them?

Before we deal with this, here are some general combat tips:

The healing in the fight is done with the help of the red. However, you will use all nearby flowers for it. Mostly there are only a few nearby, so it is recommended to be conservative and not always heal spam, unless you really need it.
The rot can also be used to unleash powerful attacks that require courage. As a result, all healing possibilities are exhausted (until the courage is rebuilt), but it is worth thinking of thinking when they have already used all available flowers.
Make it comfortable with dodge. Also parry is an option, but it requires more time in second fractions, although it is not necessarily as unpretent as Sekiro: Shadows the Twice. However, if you are unsure at the attacks of a boss or just want to avoid damage, dodging is the right way.

More tips and tricks can be found here in our guidebook. Let s take a look at all bosses in the game. Follow spoilers, so was warned:

Wooden knight
Sprout Captain
Shrine monitor
Corrupter Taro
Stone guard
Corrupter woodsmith
Mask manufacturer
Corrupt Toshi
Corrupted feather god

For tips on how you can hit them all, look at the video below of Gamer s Little Playground on YouTube. Kena: Bridge of Spirits is currently available for PS4, PS5 and PC. In the meantime, stay up to date for further instructions on the different secrets.