Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action-adventure computer game developed and released by Ember Lab. The story follows Kena, a young spirit overview who utilizes her magical capabilities to assist dead individuals move from the physical to the spirit globe. The game exists through a third-person perspective. The player uses Kena s team for assaulting enemies, and also her pulse capability for preventing assaults. They are entrusted with accumulating little spirit buddies called the Rot, that aid to complete tasks and also fight against adversaries.
The game s development was led by bros Mike and Josh Grier, owners of Ember Lab. Having actually spent several years producing commercials as well as branded applications, the growth group shifted to creating an initial computer game. They partnered with Sony Interactive Home entertainment for a console-exclusive deal, and grew the group to 15 core staff members. The video game s art was produced in collaboration with Vietnamese computer animation workshop Sparx, and its imaginary world is inspired by Eastern places such as Japan and also Bali. The original score was made up by Jason Gallaty, who worked together with Balinese set group Gamelan Çudamani to develop considerate gamelan music.
Kena: Bridge of Spirits was showcased at the Tribeca Movie Festival; function to the trial declared. The game was launched for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and also PlayStation 5 on September 21, 2021.

For a few days Kena: Bridge of Spirits , the first plant of the small developer studio Ember Lab, is now available from us. Below we would like to give you some tips on the way that hopefully make it easier for you to enter the charming action adventure.

Tip 1: Explore the environment exactly

Roughly speaking, the gameplay of the title can split into three large parts: Exploration, puzzles and fights . Just for the first category you need a sharp look as well as some skill. In the best Prince of Persia maniere you have to climb a lot of climbing and open up the environment. The game world is divided into several larger areas that can be freely explored and there is often a good observation to find the right path as well as the many hidden collective objects .

Tip 2: a good combination

Closely connected with our first tip is the second mentioned game element of Kena: Bridge of Spirits , the puzzles. These fall and for themselves in most cases not too challenging , but you will meet all kinds of small headnuts in the course of your journey with the young heroine. For this you need not only a sharp look, but also beyond a good combination and a skilled handling of your skills.

Tip 3: Timing is the key to victory

In order to fulfill your job as a ghost guide, you would also have to clean regularly corrupted areas. This often includes the fight against evil spirits . The combat system is initially kept quite simple: You can easily (R1) or hard (R2), dodge (circle key) and block (L1). These confrontations already fall on the mean difficulty level for casual players quite demanding .

The key to success is the timing . You must coordinate your evasive movements and blocks exactly to no harm. If your timing is perfect with the L1 button, you can even rain the opponent briefly and attach to a counterattack. However, the time window needed is quite scarce, which is why her initially should practice regularly to master it. It s a true life skate!

Tip 4: The right handling of the bow

After not too long, Kena s fight rod receives a small but fine upgrade, because from there you can use this as a bow to shoot energy roles. From now on, you can not only use your bow in combat, but also during the exploration of the levels.

Incidentally, stronger enemies have yellow glowing weak points , which you need to destroy with your arrows. About an upgrade menu – later a few words more – you can improve your bow and thus unlock a slow motion function . What the game does not reveal you: one thing is already available from the beginning, because if you jump and hit your weapon, the events slows down for a few seconds.

Tip 5: Can Kena jump so far?

For this still a small extra tip , because this mechanics still has a nice side effect, from which the action adventure also tells you nothing. If you see a big gap where you are not sure if Kena can really jump as far, then slows down the time (L2). In this way, our young heroine actually jumps a little further than it would normally be possible.

Tip 6: Investing your Karma makes sense

The probably most important currency , which collects her in the course of your adventure, is Karma. This gets you by defeating your opponent, cleanses shrines, straighten up statues and feeding the little rott. With the Karma collected, you can improve Kenas skills and unlock new attacks.

At the beginning you should focus on strengthening your melee attacks. Especially useful proved for us the Rott-Hammer , one of the first attacks that you can unlock. Herewith (R2 + Square Button), it performs a mighty blow that can interrupt even heavy attacks of your enemies.

Another useful ability was occurs the fight , which allows you to start the fight with a recharged Rott icon to directly use the Knuffy guys. In addition, it makes sense to increase Kenas Shield Strength (++) (L1) and to unlock Focus (R3) for your bow. You should also pay attention to increase your number of arrow by means of two upgrades, improved quiver (++) .

These were six small entry-level tips for the beginning of Kena: Bridge of Spirits . If you need further help with action adventure, you will gladly take a look at our guides to the title. Otherwise, we wish you a lot of fun with the game. Which tip would you give other gamers for entry into Kena: Bridge of Spirits ? Other news about Kena: Bridge of Spirits.