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Discovering the PlayStation 5 in a store is currently an extreme rarity, and if you see it, it is packed in a normal carton. However, a reddit user has discovered a very special specimen, but some questions poses.

The PS5 in a pretty wonder bag

The PlayStation 5 is already in the market soon and still it is still very hard to get her . Delivery difficulties from items ensure that not enough consoles can be produced. So-called scalers still try to sell the PS5 for grand dreams, but slowly the customers are going – a positive trend.

Nevertheless, it is probably a big surprise to find a PS5 in a shelf, especially when it looks so special. Reddit Users Patientsbest pushed a shimmering carton in Dubai, which obviously excited his attention. The content: An individualized PlayStation 5 .

According to the packaging, it is an original of Sony including dualSense controller , but not in the original state.

The controller and the console were created by our superhero team of artists in our strictly secret state-of-the-art family.

Our team of experts has made sure that there are no restrictions on the functionality, and they are protected by the switch guarantee, the text on the back of the pretty packaging.

(Source: Reddit)

What does the console look like in the box?

That s the price question! The console is packed in a carton that does not offer possibility to view the console before. Does she have a different color, are pattern on it or a logo? Everything is possible, but is safe, that both the PS5 and the dualSense controller were painted with car paint . Sounds strange, but maybe it s so good.

For the good piece you have to grab deep into the bag. On a label, the price is 4285 DHS written. If so that the currency is meant Dirham, beats the wound bag with about 995 euros to book . Whether she is actually worth, we do not learn.


PS5: Change side panels, paint or buy

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