Jamel Bousbaa (birthed 15 November 1990), better known expertly as Potter Payper, is an English rap artist as well as songwriter from Barking, London. In 2021, he authorized to the UK division of Def Jam Recordings.

Liv Morgan WWE will be in the spotlight at Extreme Rules this weekend when he takes on Carmella in single combat, but first, you need to take care of matters in the SmackDown tonight against Zelina Vega. Morgan has become an individual fighter and combat it at Extreme Rules is a more important on her trip to the WWE step. had the opportunity to talk to Morgan about his upcoming bout and if a stipulation could find its way and why he wants to participate in a Street Fight, that incredible moment in Money in the Bank, and even some games with Marvel s Spider -man and, yes, Def Jam Vendetta. To start, we wanted to know if once she vanquish Vega and Carmella, that effectively closed the chapter on those two, who have been thorns in the side of it during the last year.

I hope so. Yes, we have been fighting since Money in the Bank, since both were declared in the match, I thought we should earn our opportunities. You know? It s understandable because I was trying, I was not trying. to block their chances, I thought I should take advantage of Morgan said. So I fully understand why they are angry with me, but, you know, I hope that after this weekend is almost over because I m so tired of that goal Zelina nose where it should not. She still inserted into I feel like everything I do, and that s super annoying. Carmella, just love yourself shut up or herself by her talents. I almost feel bad for her. She has so much praise and everything she says is how beautiful she is she is it. You know? I almost feel a little bad. I just want to show, hey Mella, you re much more than being beautiful. For some reason, she took it the wrong way .

There are some important battles at Extreme Rules, and Morgan is in a pretty elite company, which means a lot, especially because it is the second single combat that Morgan has had a PPV of the WWE.

I love her. This is my second singles match on Pay-Per-View. It was the first WrestleMania in the pre-show against Natalia. It s crazy because when I started in the WWE I never saw myself as a tag team. fighter and that s what I ve done for most of my career. I fell in love with him, but now I feel I have a chance to start over. So I love to work with Carmela at Extreme Rules. In addition, Extreme Rules is one of my Pay-Per-View favorites. And end tables, ladders and chairs match stipulation, that s why I fell for WWE when he was a child. It s definitely a goal and a dream for me to insert myself into one of those scenarios, so I m very, very excited .

Now, the party does not have a stipulation, but Morgan mocked that could change in the late tonight. Not yet, but we still have Friday and you never know what will happen in the world of WWE. Everything is subject to change. You never know. I hope we can add a small single stipulation to up the ante and just so I can, you know, get that, I want that feeling, I want that adrenaline. I want weapons involved. I want the bets are higher. I want an extra element of danger and suspense and I want to beat the back of Mella, Morgan said.

There are still some important matches on the wish list of Morgan in the future. In fact, she wants to be in each and every one of them.

Oh my God. I have so many, I have so many. I want to be in a Steel Cage Match. I want to be in a Ladder Match. I mean, I was in a Ladder Match, but I would love to be in a more controlled environment. There were so many women in Money in the Bank, there are so many factors. I would like to see what I can do in a more controlled environment. Did I TLC match? I do everything honestly. When I tell you, my eyes were like this big watching TLC matches in the day, or 2000, as whoa, I do that. I still want to do that, so hopefully reach Do that.

Oh, and add a Street Fight to that list, and already plans in his mind. Oh, my God, a street fight. I want to do a street fight. A street fight and I want to wear jeans. I feel like that s what you do. Use your shirt and jeans merchandising and fights, Morgan said. I mentioned the imperative of fighting for food cards and use the concession stands as weapons. Extinguishers, food carts, pull through doors. I want it all, Morgan said.

As for some special equipment for the big occasion, fans can also expect. Oh, I mean, have you seen me? I have new team almost every week. I totally, I worked on something for Extreme Rules. I have something great. There is an issue or anything, but it s just a small, cool equipment extreme Morgan said.

We also had to talk about the emotional promotion he shared in Money In The Bank, which attracted mountains of support from the fans who attended. I know, it was such an incredible feeling, such an incredible moment. It was a moment that I did not expect. I literally made me cry. Made me cry. I simply appreciate your support, Morgan said.

That support from fanatics means a lot for Morgan, and she is incredibly grateful of how she has followed her through her sometimes unexpected and surprising trip.

I feel like, you know, fortunately I feel that it increases over time, so I m like thanks. I have always felt it, and I do not even know why, I really do not even know why, but I always felt that I have had a great nucleus of fans that supports me no matter what happens, whether it is objecting at a wedding , if I m not on television during tons and tons and tons of weeks. They are like riding or dying, so I am grateful for them and I welcome them to all fans and all new fanatics. I love them anyway, Morgan said. «I feel blessed and very fortunate to have your support. The WWE universe, not everyone receives it, so I m grateful and grateful. I hope to give them many more reasons throughout my career to want to support me ».

She also has her back at all times, especially if she left television for some reason in Smackdown, and she does not spend much time before she finds out on social networks.

You re going to hear about that. I love that because if I want to complain or if I want to say something, I really do not need it because I know they will do it for me, Morgan said. .

I added that they are excellent for labeling appropriate people to transmit the message, and Morgan agrees. «Yes, you know, let s label Vince McMahon, let s label Stepanie, Adam Pearce, where is our girl? You know?

When Morgan is not in the ring or training, she loves to immerse yourself in the video games and she has the rare ability to be able to concentrate on one and simply travel from start to finish before moving on to the next. It is a skill that she would like to own, and she recently applied her to Marvel s spider … although she ended up not being the spiderman that she thought she was.

You know, when I play, I do it as … it s like when I read a book. When I read a book, I have to like to read it all day. Yes, I like to read all day and then I ll take a break. Then, when I play, I am in the same way. I have to complete the game as fast as you can, almost obsessively, and then I will take a small break. Right now I m playing Spiderman. I thought I was playing the new Spiderman, but I am fully playing old Spiderman, said Morgan.

Morgan entered looking to play thousands of morals, but ended up playing Spider-Man from Marvel, although the good news is that both rule, so it is a win-win. That said, what really caught my attention was the mention of Def Jam Vendetta

I thought I was playing thousands of morals, but I m not. I downloaded it with the idea that I was playing again, but I m playing totally the old, but I m enjoying it. What else happened? Time this year? I beat Def Jam Vendetta in about 29 hours. It is iconic. Iconic, iconic. They need to be updated with the most current rappers. You know? I feel that that would be amazing. Who are we talking to? To make a new Def Jam Vendetta? «

Seriously, we need to know as soon as possible, because a new game of Def Jam would definitely govern. However, that is not the only game that catches his attention, since the next Harry Potter game of WB is one of the most expected. Oh my God. I ve been looking for that. I m dying to play Harry Potter. I m so excited about that. I can not wait for it to come out because I m going to do a little night and I m going to overcome it, Morgan said.

We will have to wait a little longer to play the new game of Harry Potter and a new Def Jam, but you can see Morgan in action at the smackdown tonight at Fox at 8 p.m. Est, and then you can see Morgan at Extreme Rules, which is transmitted on Peacock Sunday at 8 p.m. ITS T.

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