Diablo II: Resurrected came to modern consoles yesterday, and even with all the controversial of Blizzard Back, this remaster quickly became one of the most viewed games of twitch During the last 24 hours. We do not know how well I m going on sales, but at least people are getting very well.

According to statistics of Sullygnome , Diablo II: Resurrected had about 415 thousand simultaneous spectators during their launch day. Although this figure is no longer so great today, the title is still one of the most popular on the previously mentioned streaming platform.

Currently, the title has about 170 thousand spectators at twitch , a strong decline if we compare it on yesterday. Although of course, it is normal for these games to have such a drastic fall, but the question is: How long will it remain of the most popular in twitch ? Well, that will depend on the support you receive on the part of Blizzard and the community.

Via: Sullygnome