Gerta Pohorylle (1 August 1910– 26 July 1937), well-known professionally as Gerda Taro, was a German Jewish battle photographer energetic throughout the Spanish Civil War. She is considered the first female photographer to have actually died while covering the frontline in a war.
Taro was the companion and expert partner of professional photographer Robert Capa. The name Robert Capa was originally a pen names that Taro and Capa (birthed Endre Friedmann) shared, a creation implied to reduce the raising political intolerance in Europe as well as to draw in the profitable American market. A significant amount of what is attributed as Robert Capa s early work was really made by Taro.

KENA: Bridge of the Spirits , the new and magnificent Ember Lab Adventure Title, is now available to play and there is much to find. In this game, you play like Kena, a spiritual guide, who seeks to find what is the cause of corruption that the earth shatters and to do that, you must explore, help people with their problems and find all kinds of collectible useful. the way. In this KENA: Bridge of the Spirits Flower Sanctuary Guide We will see how to find each of the flowers sanctuaries and how to purify them. At the moment, this is not a complete list, but it will continue to update as we have seen more of the world of KENA .

In this guide, the locations will be listed in the order in which the regions visit. If there is a prerequisite, such as access to arrows, we will make sure to specify it. From the map, you can know how many elements you have or do not have, but it will be necessary to perform a search to specifically find what you are looking for. For each flower sanctuary with which you clean and interact successfully, you will get a great sum of crystals, these can be used to buy more hats for your ROTs.

KENA: Bridge of the Spirits Guide of the Sanctuary of the Flowers – Village (Total: 8)

The Village is the central axis of Kena: Bridge of the Spirits and, therefore, you will spend a lot of time coming out and going back here with new weapons and enhancers. All the Spirit Mail found in other parts of the world connects to the opening of houses in this village.

KENA: Bridge of the Spirits Flowers Sanctuary Guide – Taro Tree (Total: 2)

Just next to where guides to putrefaction to make a tear tear, you will see the sanctuary of flowers covered in corruption. Delete it with ROT and it will be activated.
While walking down the road from the forest road to the deformation point of the Taro tree, after having taken out the bow, head to the north of the road and will see a flower sanctuary covered. If you turn around, you will see a crystal on the tree, shoot and follow the path of the lights to another three crystals to create a tear of the forest. Then he walks back and you will get this flower sanctuary.

KENA: Bridge of Spirits Guide of the Sanctuary of Flowers – Mountain Rusu (Total: 3)

After seeing the first memory of Taro where a tear appears, use it to clean corruption on the left. By this path you will find the sanctuary of the flowers.
After defeating the wooden knight, look at Rusu s house and turn around so you can see the way through a stone formation. Walk and you will see a statue of an owl, hit your chest with an arrow to start the Forest Tear. From there, only chew the corruption directly to the left and will take you to the sanctuary of the flowers.

KENA: Bridge of the Spirits Guide of the Sanctuary of Flowers – Forgotten Forest (Total: 3)

After completing the water sanctuary, a tear will appear from the forest. Use it to clear corruption on the shore and reveal a mobile block. If you are on your back to the block, you should be able to see a drawing of Rots loading something on a wall in front of you. Direct the block here and jump to the area previously inaccessible, opens the locked path to the right. On your left there is a trunks bridge that leads to a corrupt flower sanctuary. Go and use the tear tear once more this time to open the flower sanctuary.
From the great tree sanctuary at the top of the rise sequence of the tree house, stand in front of the great tree sanctuary and use the grip flower that is on top of you to the right. Then he jumps through the sanctuary to the opposite awning to find a bucket. Get the Forest Tear Seed and take it clockwise around the tree from the Sanctuary to grow a Forest TEAR. Activate the tear tear and then release the gondola, at the bottom you will find the sanctuary of the flowers. You can not use your bow while the Forest TEAR is active, so it shoots the mechanism to drop the gondola and then use the Forest TEAR, you should have more than enough time.
After arriving at the Lantern Cave area, go to the left and go up the cliff wall. Continue until you reach the place where you can plant a Forest Tear seed. Look up to find gems in the trees, start with the on and disprew it all. Use Forest TEAR to destroy all corruption on the right. You will have to fight against enemies, but it continues with this patch and you will reach another sanctuary of the flowers.

This guide is still a job in progress, check again for more updates …

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