The fact that Ember Lab has previously worked on animated films is obvious in her video game debut Kena: Bridge of Spirits. In addition to cute designs that remind us directly at Disney or Pixfilme, Kena also shines with beautiful animations in the numerous intermediate sequences.

But behind the sugar-sweet look of the PlayStation exclusive game hides a sophisticated action adventure with a serious history, which deals with topics such as death, loss and renewal.

With rott we are less alone

As a ghost guide Kena, it is our job to help the souls of the dead to find peace. On our trip to the holy mountain blade we come to an abandoned village, which was taken from a corruption. Our job is to redeem the restless spirits that linger there – but we must first help you to remember who they were.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits primarily tells three destinies, which are more self-contained anecdotes than a great deal of action. But they are lovingly and emotionally told and underlaid with beautiful intermediate sequences in English versions. Ironically, Kena remains rather pale during the action. Although she is kind-hearted and gentle, but she does not really develop, and her prehistory is only cut.

In the launch trailer you can see again, which awaits you in Kena: Bridge of Spirits:

Luckily, Kena is not alone, because on her journey you stand by the rott aside: these are these small, cute guys that run us everywhere. They are not only incredibly sweet when they lovingly snort us and spontaneously open on benches or in bowls – they are also damn helpful.

The hunt for the rott hats

If we want to enlarge our little army of fluffy balls, we have to look for them first. Fortunately, explore in Kena: Bridge of Spirits incredibly mood. Whether we climb à la uncharted along cliffs or turn into Zelda: Breath of the Wild every suspicious-looking stone. The comparisons make it clear – Kena does not necessarily reinstate the wheel of Adventure Games. But that s not bad, because the formula explore, fight and solve puzzles just fun.

The puzzles are not too complex. So we have to open doors by shooting blue stones with the bow, or seek statues we then put on pedestals. However, there were occasionally places where we had to nibble. Kena does not provide any assistance – so it is completely to us to find the solution.

There is a lot to find in the beautiful, fairytale world: meditation points, bouquets that we need to rid from corruption, ghost mail, with which we can unlock new houses in the village (and even an onsen! You know: This Japanese natural bathtub with hot Source.), New Rottents and, almost important, new rott hats. While do not bring playful advantages, but just look damn sweet.

This is different with the rott itself. To collect the little beings, not only ensures that there is an ever-increasing spicy, it even brings us new advantages. The more rott we have, the higher is your level. Not only Kena himself can unlock new skills that allow her to expand her repertoire to expand a powerful jump attack or slow down the time when archery. We can also learn new rotting capabilities, with which the fur knices are about for mighty attacks.

Technical Performance: Kena ran veryly in the test most of the time. Once the game crashed us at the end of a boss fight. If there were smaller glitches a few glitches, then Kena has often failed several times by an ascending platform instead of standing. However, that has happened so that it has hardly affected the game fun.

Simple control, challenging fights

By the way, the rott are not there all the time on the battlefield. That s a good thing, because otherwise it would probably be quite scary. Most of the time Kena has to deny her struggles alone and can move her opponents with melee, bow and later bombs to body. While we have to simply need many by you, we need a little more tactics for other enemies and must first shatter your wooden shield with a heavy blow before we can tact something. This ensures nice variety, as we can not only stump to the attack key, but also consider how we should proceed.

In addition to an evasive role, Kena also has an energy sample that holds a few punches. If we use it at the right moment, Kena can even parry and start a counterattack. If she hits well in combat and divides properly harm, collecting the little rott, watching from the side, her courage. Have enough courage together, we have new actions available. Then you can perform a strong attack with Kena, heal or distract your opponents at short notice.

Especially the latter benefits us in the challenging boss struggles scary. They already bring us to sweat and ask us the right tactics. With weapons alone, we often cause little damage. At the stone guard, for example, we have to wait a specific attack. Then the corruption flower opens on his back and we can rush the rott on him to clean up the corruption and shut down his life bars properly.

In Kena there are four levels of difficulty, the heaviest we turn off until we have finished the game once. The difficulty not only influences how aggressive and smart are our opponents, but also our Rott helper. While their courage on the lowest level of difficulty also fills passively, they even lose courage at the highest level if we take damage.

A beautiful adventure with draft

In Kena: Bridge of Spirits are more than sweet animations and a beautiful soundtrack. The combat system is simple and demanding at the same time, the stories are emotional and beautifully staged and exploring the game world is rewarded. It is satisfactory to watch, as the village slowly gets green again when we deliver a ghost mail after the other. And besides, we can collect the sweetest lousy army of our dreams. The rott are just cute.