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This is in our guide: On this page you will find basic information about the discipline priest. We show you what the discipline priest can, explain the strengths and weaknesses of the style, and compare the performance of the disciple in Raids, Arenas and the solo game with the achievements of other classes and plays. On the following pages you will also find a short entry-level guidance for full-time damage split parts or Holys, which just want to try the discipline style. In addition, we explain extensively the skills and talents, and to conclude handproof information on the style of play, to get the maximum out of the disczi in Raids and Mythic Dungeons.

Update August 8 2021: We brought the guide to the discipline priest on patch stand 9.1.

About this table of contents you can quickly and easily find the area of ​​the guides you are looking for to the discipline priest.

  1. Page 1Wow: Discipline Priest Guide (Patch 9.1)
  2. Page 2Wow: Discipline Priest – Short Guide for Beginners (Patch 9.1)
  3. Page 3Wow: Discipline priests – skills and talents (patch 9.1)
  4. Page 4Wow: Discipline Priest Guide Pacts, Media and Soulbande (Patch 9.1)
  5. Page 5Wow: Discipline priest – rotation, cooldowns, playing style (patch 9.1)
  6. Page 6Wow: Discipline Priest Guide – The Best Legendary (Patch 9.1)
  7. Page 7Wow: Discipline priests – values, attributes, stats (patch 9.1)
  8. Page 8Wow: Discipline priests – Flasks, potions, gems, enchantments (patch 9.1)
  9. Page 9Pictures Gallery for WOW: Discipline Priest Guide (Patch 9.1)

What is a discipline priest?

The discipline playing way is one of the two speech specs of the priest. In contrast to the Holy, your playing way consists of using absorption effects and create healing about damage. You only own two real healing spells, one of them has a short cooldown. You do not really have a group healing spell. To heal several players, you must prove them with Abbitte. This happens over the spells Shadow healing, powerful word: gloss and power word: sign.

Abbitte holds 15 seconds and heals the target for an amount corresponding to the damage caused by the discipline priest. This style of play is not to get used to everyone and at first for many players. Instead of using powerful Heil-Cooldowns, which in a short time producing a lot of healing, you reduce the risk of your players suffered with your Cooldowns. So that you cut out better than the Holy priest, you have to heal very forward-looking, but will reward.

Changes in Shadowlands

The DISZI receives with the damage magazines of the shadow playing way further possibilities to support his group in the damage. The discipline playing way even receives the surface global explosion to cause some damage to larger groups.

So strong is the discipline priest in patch 9.1

Despite some attenuations like spirit shell in 9.1, the discz continues to be one of the best healers in Raids. In mythical-plus it falls clearly. In Arenen, you play your strength rather in the 2VS2, in 3VS3 you have to trust that your teammates in tricky situations well support you.

in Dungeons

As a rule, 1 Holy Paladine and Recovery Shamans have been sought for high key pieces for season. The big advantage of the disciple is the damage caused, by the mobs and bosses of course lying a little faster in the dirt and soul of power, with which the damage of your teammates speeds up to the height. As a result, your group needs less time and can make it easier to complete the keystones or within time. The sheer unplayable Affixes bloody \ – and the dishes of the disciple were now weakened so much that they barely make them out of problems. The stack of playing can be taken directly by all teammates by mass of Shadowlands.

in Raids

In Raid fights, in which burst healing (a lot of healing in a short time) is needed, the discipline playing style is at the top. Sometimes you rely on to get an exciting from the Druid so that the mana does not go that fast. In mythical mode, it benefits from the two circumstances that your goals covered with Abbitte often suffer a lot of damage and, unlike dungeons or heroic boss gifts, as well as no healing lands in oversight. In the Raid your group cooldown powerful word: barrier is a must have. How exactly the disco cuts out in the new RAID sanctum of the rule, we can not currently be prophesied.


For the level phase and world quests on level 60, the discipline playing way is quite well suited. You can not hust up and cause it to harm. In the shadow spec, however, she is a little faster.

About our authors

This guide was written by Sebastian Cromatus glossy. He plays his priest since Wotlk. Until Wood he was as good as always as a discipline priest on the road and Raidte always on the highest level of difficulty. In Shadowlands he dreams in dungeons and raids in all three matches under the banners of the nightfare.



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