Tales of Arise provides all sorts of new and interesting combat tricks of Counter Edge to an enemy quickly dodge and counterattack, to boost attacks. But you will still rely on many of the battles ahead on Artes, the de facto skills of the series. But how do you unlock new Artes free and as Arte Proficiency matter?

Arte Proficiency is essentially a measure of how often you have a certain type of arte used. Each character has a few different types of Artes, are tied to the skills. Depending on how often you use Artes, which are bound to this, the skills are increased and new Artes in these categories will be unlocked. If you increase for example Alphens sword blow skill to 1000, Double Demon Fang is enabled while you unlock Swarm at 1200 Dragon.

Skills are a bit more complicated. Each character has a number of titles (each about 15) with a plurality of different capabilities. First, you need to perform certain actions to unlock a title. Then you can spend SP to the skills in this item unlock. Different capabilities offer different bonuses, whether passive increases or new skills. Many titles have specific requirements such as running a series of boost attacks, forging of weapons, cooking meals, and so on.

The next obvious question is of course: How can you make the most experience points and SP to become stronger and unlock abilities? There are a number of ways, starting with the bonus for consecutive battles. Whenever you participate in several battles in a row and eliminate enemies easily, as indicated by the battle value of the screen starting on the right side (directly below the map), a small-meter building.

This is the bonus for consecutive battles of up to four times stackable. While it is active, experience points (EXP) and SP are multiplied from combat. You can also increase the level of difficulty – Battle results get a flat multiplier bonus, which helps to increase the bonus for consecutive battles faster.

Cooking certain meals as with leaves wrapped fish and fruit sandwich is also giving a buff for the earned EXP. Just keep in mind that weaker enemies offer less EXP and SP and take longer to fill the display for consecutive battles. While it may be so advised in certain areas to hang out and do a little grind, you will eventually move on and want to fight stronger enemies, in order to achieve better rewards at a faster pace.

As mentioned above, SP be earned through battles, but you will get the most from the completion of subtasks. Search when entering a new town or a new location for an NPC with a mailbox icon to get new subtasks. These are also good to earn new items, equipment and gald, they that be worth it even if you return to it later. Another good way to earn SP, is defeating bosses and elite monsters.

Let’s say you want to quickly earn some gald that it was for the purchase of supplies, or new weapons. First, make sure that you prepare dishes, etc. increase the number of dropped objects, the drop rate of rare ores. Collect various items and sell them then or use them to new accessories and the like to produce. Monster enable a considerable number of objects fall when you have a buff, and they can achieve a decent price.

Make sure that you also sell commodity items, as they are only useful to earn gald. Fishing is also noteworthy, and although it may take a little longer than the harvesting of materials, it offers an interesting mini-game to insert a pause (plus caught fish is sold for decent amounts).

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If you have difficulty to earn EXP or gald you finally try to activate an artifact to increase the amounts recovered. This can be regarded as assistant functions for players, but they are still very useful if you want to advance the story or do not waste time grind. For more information on Tales of Arise see our review here. It is currently available for Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PS4, PS5 and PC.