Gerald Asamoah (German pronunciation: [ˈgeːʁalt ʔazaˈmoː.aː]; birthed 3 October 1978) is a Ghanaian-born German football manager as well as previous specialist footballer, that functions as the first-team supervisor of Schalke 04. Throughout his playing job, Asamoah played as a forward, and he was mostly known for his rate, his physical stamina and his hard-working approach. He has actually adhered the many part of his profession to Schalke, where he has actually been commonly valued not just for his success as a gamer, however additionally for his unwinded and also positive attitude as well as his function as a neighborhood leader off the pitch.Asamoah maintained working in Gelsenkirchen after his retired life, as well, as he was used several administrative as well as managerial duties throughout the years.

Dimitrios Grammozis finds that the 2nd league is better , also the quality of the games . The Schalke coach means, for example, less long balls , rarely the game on the second ball . They still exist today, clear, but many teams try to find playful solutions.

Three weeks ago, the team against Dusseldorf (3: 1) succeeded very well, last Sunday in Paderborn (1: 0) Grammozis recognized other factors that can give the rash in this 2nd league in the end. I would not always reduce this only to the results, he says. Of course we know that results are important. But for me as a coach, it is important to see progress; what the guys are on the court.

Specifically, he calls two advances. First, If you’re just looking at the last game at an opponent that was still unbeaten. The way we have defended as a team, as we tried to accept every duel.

Hey, we are great on it. We have a tailwind.


And secondly, that we must have patience to say: ‘Okay, the gate may only fall in the second half, maybe even in the 80th or 88th minute. But so long we try to maintain our structure as possible. And you have seen: If the guys also have this compactness over long stretches of the game, that we then get to the front possibilities.

Anyway, the factor is patient a very important at Grammozis. Especially if you are a team that of course is already perceived by many teams as a highlight – if you get as Schalke 04 somewhere. Patience is also a matter of quality.

Grammozis praises the KSC and wants the mail goes off

In Paderborn Schalke had this patience and a goalkeeper like Simon Terodde. I find that we have now reached a point where the guys are more and more belief in their quality, developing our way of playing, says Grammozis. The coupled with results is of course nice for the mental area. That you go into a game and says: ‘Hey, we are great on it. We have a tailwind.’

Against Karlsruhe, which is currently lurking with a point less than Schalke in place, it will nevertheless not a self-runner , as Grammozi’s warning warning, also because he is still committed to the use of Dominick Drexler (Knee Problems) in midfield. Christian Eichner plays a good football with his troop, I think. You can see that they are recorded.

For royal blue, it is about it, that we show our game that we take the power from the last two games. It was also important that we have now won two games in a row now. But now we have to change the lever. Here the mail must go off.

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