Lewis Paul Bremer III (birthed September 30, 1941) is an American diplomat. He led the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) following the 2003 invasion of Iraq by the United States, from May 2003 up until June 2004.

The second division season was only an evening old when Martin Harnik was amazed for the first time. Okay, thought of the former Bremer and Hamburg, who have internally internalized the system of the new trainer. He meant the HSV, the last club of his professional career, who won 3-1 on Schalke at the debut of Tim Walter. Then they had problems.

Harnik, today’s Oberliga scorer, has taken the time before the first northern derby since 2018, in the Harnik.TV broadcast What’s up, 2nd Bundesliga? talk about the pending duel of his two ex clubs. And he finds: It can tilt something of both directions in both directions. For both, the season starts with this Nordderby first.

There would be a host Werder, who was struggling after numerous sales and came into force. They used the transfer time again, says Harnik and plays on Marvin Ducksch or Mitchell Weiser. Before all Mark’s start had difficult. If the coach does not know, with which players he can still plan next week, then it could hardly run. Of course, that you do not get that out of the heads and that that is reflected in the services .

The Oberliga also makes a lot of fun when you succeed.

Martin Harnik

Harnik itself would see the 2nd league as an adventure and chance , to be the league primus, which can really be fun. If you are successful, that’s fun in every league, I’m talking about Experience. The Oberliga also has a lot of fun when you succeed.

Now, where at the beginning squad in Bremen, at least until the winter will not do nothing more, can also give the coach full throttle, find his team. And then you have to play for the climb .

Harnik about HSV: What else can not be

Similarly, Harnik thinks about the HSV, with which he had missed the return to the Bundesliga 2020. Of course, this is no longer a team that has first league experience or peppered by stars. Nevertheless, it is still the HSV.

And in Hamburg, the expectation is clear: If I get the call as a player and have an offer from HSV on the table, then I know exactly what it’s all about. It’s about coming back to the first league.

After the most recent years of failure, Harnik believes that a bit of humility found , but the goals must still be clearly defined. For the city and for the fan culture, as the HSV has, that’s in my opinion the rise , The other would be the league, but that can not be. I believe that the HSV has set up well. Also without great name. The star is certainly the system that the trainer can play. That’s already a spectacle, but also brings his weaknesses.

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Harnik exclusively over the northern derby: can tilt in both directions

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