Deathloop is outside, this adventure of Arkane and Bethesda that doubles time takes you to follow the story of Colt Vahn while wake up on an island trapped perpetually on the same day. While He explores this day that he repeats himself perpetually, he will find a variety of safes, closed doors and more out of reach, but it is possible that he has stumbled on a certain closed safe under the Dorsey Manor Bridge.

This EATHLOOP DORSEY Manor Safe Combination Guide will review how to find the combination of the safe and what rewards could have inside.

DEATHLOOP DORSEY Manor Safe Combination Guide: Why do not you tell me the code?

Like the rest of combinations in deathloop codes are randomly assigned from one player to another. At a point of this solution where I saw the number 1, another TechRaptor writer earned the number 3. While we can not give you the guide, we will review exactly where to go to get the numbers and how to put them on request.

DEATHLOOP DORSEY Manor Segura Combination Guide: How do I find the start location?

Trip to Dorsey Manor After entering Updaam, you will want to reach noon because you can only access one of the numbers at that time. Dorsey Manor is the great castle where Aleksis celebrates the party at night and is just across Dorsey Square from Colt’s apartment. Once you reach the mansion, jump on the left side of the bridge and you will find yourself in a tunnel. Inside there is a safe with three lights on the left side, indicating that three codes will be needed, a map of UPDAAM with symbols and lines, a note and a sheet of metal with scratches.

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DEATHLOOP Dorsey Manor Segura Combination Guide: What is I supposed to do with all this information?

In each of the locations indicated on the map there will be a written number on the wall. For example, when I went to the building to the left of Otto’s workshop, I could see the number 1. It is from these numbers that you can find out which numbers go in the combinations of the locks.

The three striped triangles on the right have points that when they are placed on the Updaam map they give us which of the three numbers is in the combinations. Even triangles are random, so be sure to look for the numbers you want specifically.

Then, the first thing you should do is go out and gather all the numbers that could be used in these combinations.

DEATHLOOP DORSEY Manor Safe Combination Guide: Number Locations

Below is a map with all locations of markers tagged from A to F and a description where to find them.

One. From where you enter Upduum, take the low road next to the two eternalists that leads to the big door. Turn around once you get to the car next to the two eternalists and you should see a number at the bottom of a support beam to the right of the reflector.
b. Go to Charlie’s live action game in the north. After crossing the bridge and watching the alien theme building, look to the right and on the sliding door of the bay. A number will be written at the top of the door frame.
c. Go to the main door of The Library, there will be many people around, so be sure to take them all before approaching too much. To the left of the door there is a plate on the wall over Bad Luck Mary. The number here will be how many times Mary has been married. Be careful here, since my note said that she was married and then married five more times, so the total number was 6.
d. Go to the Moxie game entry and look to your right where there is a support tower. The number will be located right at the base.
MI. Go to Otto’s workshop and look at the building on the left, the painted number will be next to the door.
f. Look around the base of the building indicated in F and you will see the number painted clearly

DEATHLOOP DORSEY Manor Safe Combination Guide: Join everything

Now that you have all the required numbers written, you must enter them in order. The order in which you must place the numbers is established according to the number of inclined bars next to the point. To use the red triangle above as an example, the lower left point has no bar, the right lower point has a bar and the top point has two bars.

Complete the above for the three triangles and place them in the safe at your feet and unlock to reveal a residue element. If you absorb the residue of that article, you will earn almost 6000 points. As this residuum element will return each loop, it is 6K free points for you that will greatly accelerate the expansion of your arsenal. Once you have completed the puzzle once, Colt will also save it as a note, which means you can automatically complete the code. more Deathloop Guides General guides Story Quest Guides World guides Trophies guides