A fire (from Latin flamma) is the visible, aeriform component of a fire. It is created by a very exothermic chain reaction taking place in a thin area. Extremely hot flames are warm sufficient to have actually ionized gaseous components of sufficient thickness to be considered plasma.

The characters of Tales of Arise have all their own individual advantages and movement sets. So if you want to play alpha, you definitely want to know how to use the flaming sword. At the beginning of their adventure, Alphen and Shionne discover that they can use the flaming edge to free their world, and have no scruples. This sword opens up alphen motion set wide and also adds Combos a nice amount of additional damage. It is only better, the further you come in the game as more titles and abilities are unlocked, which increase the number of flaming capabilities that can use alpha. Here’s all we know how to use the flaming sword in Tales of Arise.

How to use the flame sword in Tales of Arise

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To use the flame sword in Tales of Arise, you must first use a species with a flame edge extension and hold down the button after execution. Alphen will draw its alternative sword and there is a short waiting time for the train before running. Note that all these movements are based on fire damage according to their name. Below you can find more information on how to identify Artes with these flaming edge extensions and can unlock more.

Burning, baby, burning

To check if a species has a flaming edge extension, open the main menu, then go to the Artes menu and look at alphens movements. Under the name of each sword type that Alphen receives, the following text appears from left to right: air or ground attack | AG Costs | ARTE-TYPE | Flaming Edge extension. If the edge extension is yellow, you have the train and keep the button pressed as soon as this species has been executed to pull the flaming sword. If it is blue instead, you have to learn it. Here is like:

Progress through history
Check your skills / titles frequently as more of major events are unlocked as well as various world follows that you conclude
Titles like Blazing Sword have upgrades that enhance alphens skills and add new flaming edge extensions that you can use
As soon as you are unlocked, other artes have their own extensions and finally they can bring the fire with every movement they do

Stories of Arise is now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox series X | s. Take a look at the rest of our guides for Tales of Arise, while you are here!