Fire Emblem, additionally formally called Fire Symbol: The Blazing Blade, is a tactical role-playing video game created by Intelligent Systems as well as released by Nintendo for the Video game Boy Advance portable computer game console. It is the 7th installation in the Fire Emblem series, the second to be launched for the platform after Fire Symbol: The Binding Blade, and also the initial to be local for worldwide audiences. It was launched in Japan and The United States And Canada in 2003, and also in Europe and also Australia in 2004.
The video game is an innovator to The Binding Blade, established on the imaginary continent of Elibe. It informs the tale of Lyn, Eliwood, as well as Hector, three young lords who unite on a journey to locate Eliwood’s missing out on daddy Elbert while preventing a bigger conspiracy endangering the security of Elibe. The gameplay, which draws from earlier Fire Symbol entries, functions tactical fight between armies on a grid-based map. Characters are appointed various personality classes that affect capacities and undergo long-term death if defeated in fight.
Growth began in 2002 as a companion title to The Binding Blade, yet growth was extended from its initial seven-month window as new functions were added. While the Fire Symbol collection had actually remained unique to Japan as a result of issues regarding its trouble, the success of Advancement Battles as well as prominent need following the addition of Fire Symbol characters in Super Knockout Bros. Melee motivated the video game’s localization. The game was released to favorable sales and also international vital acclaim, establishing the Fire Symbol series in the West. Its abroad success caused all subsequent video games (with the exception of Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem) to be launched beyond Japan.

Stories of Arise quickly developed the surprise hit of autumn and is already one of the best all-round games of the year. We rated it at 4.5 / 5 and the best role-playing game of the year has been rated, and for good reason. The combination of incredible graphics, handling action and a great occupation of characters makes the game easy for a pleasure. Speaking characters while they are able to play as anyone they choose will find their favorites. For many, this will be the first character you play like in Alphen. Alphen is her typical heavy vibrant protagonist, but his arsenal on films is anything but typical. To avoid spoiler, here are a few ways to use the half-masked protagonists of Tales of Arise.

How to use Alphen in Tales of Arise?


This can be a recommendation for each character, but considering that each alternative action is completely unique, this is especially true to the use of alpha. In view of one of the coolest evasive movements in the game, if you tune your dodge exactly on alpha by turning it backwards through the air, you have a lot of floor from which you can withdraw. In the early morning hours you will get access to the counter Edge. This train with alpha is particularly valuable, as it is slightly easier when dodging than most other characters and more harm than most characters. Learning the right timing can make wonders for you because almost every attack in the game is evasive and considering how often alphen needs to be cured, you should avoid damage as much as possible.

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blazing sword

The reason why Alphen needs healing all the time is the presence of the blazing sword. Once you have achieved a certain point in history, turn this weapon and thus the ability to cause tons of damage. However, this gift has its price. Although Alphen can not feel pain, he can still die and the flaming sword will rob their health, no matter when they use it. While going through the skill tree, you get the ability to charge the blazing sword attacks and to turn alpha essentially into a kamikaze warrior.

There are a variety of different attacks that you can use with the Blazing Sword, all come after using a species attack. The trick is that you need to use a specific species to get to a specific blazing sword attack. The first you get is infernal torrent, which comes after the species swallow blade. During this attack, you put the flaming sword into the ground and charges a mad fire.

With the unlocked skill, to further charge this, you can do even more damage. The big problem is that you can charge to your heart’s content, but if you reach 1 health, you can no longer use the attack. The compromise here is that you can lose your entire health at the expense of a big beat. This means that they generally want to wait for the charged attack, unless they are sure they have either leased items or their group is able to heal them.

Art combinations

The best way to strengthen both your boost attack and your Mystic Artes is to chain arte-combos with each other. This is easier said than done, because many artes are quite awkward if they are not upright. There are many artes to discover, but in the early morning hours there is a handful, and the survival of some of the harder struggles here is about how well they put together their combos. One of the most effective combos is Swallow Blade, followed by Rising Phoenix and finally with Mirage.

This is a simple three-way combination, and if your soul meter is longer, you can keep these combos longer. However, this combination will cause wonders at the beginning, as they begin with a quick attack, then skid the enemy into the air and perform a simple attack from here before you hit your enemy with Mirage to the ground. Some of the larger enemies are not skidding into the air, but their attack will nevertheless throw them into the air, so they should be able to keep the combo so or so on running.

Boost attack

Although you probably often play as alpha, you may not have noticed that he has a boost attack you can trigger while you use it. His boost attack is crucial as it inflows enemies break, and this is particularly necessary when it comes to the larger boss characters. As with all Blazing Sword attacks, Alphens Boost attack sucks a little bit of your health, but in contrast to the movements described above, this is almost always the risk of 100 percent value, as this incredibly important to the break status in a boss is and it allows the whole party to let go hell while it is completely defenseless.

Use your basic attacks

This may seem like an obvious statement, but should not be overlooked, because the longer you juggle an enemy in a combo, the less time you give him to run a response terminal. Alphens basic attacks can also be extended via the manufacturing menu and it is a great way to end a combo while continuing to contribute with your type of boost attack indicator. This does not only apply to the ground, as their basic attacks in the air make great work to cause additional damage before a species like Mirage smashes them back into the ground.

Tales of Arise has one of the fun fighter combat systems in all JRPGs out there and if they decide for a main character, Alphen is a great choice, as it can share the most damage in the game as long as they are careful when they decide to unleash.

Stories of Arise is available on September 10, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox One Series X.