During the assault for Retomar Drezen in Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, you will face a particularly difficult puzzle to get the sword of value. Getting this sacred banner will allow you to fly from the walls of this fortress and it is then when you will unlock your mythical paths and you will become even more powerful. However, getting to it is not as easy for several reasons. In this DRZEN PUZZLE – SWORD OF VALUE PATHFIRONDER IRA OF THE FAIR Guide, we will show you how to resolve this puzzle, as well as to give you some very useful advice and secrets about this section of the game.

How to solve the sword puzzle of the value Drezen

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The thing is that you do not have to do it. This actually is not the real sword of value , but a lure trap established by demons. There is a reason to solve it (booty, of course), but the authentic sword of value is in another part of the fortress. The Real is in a south room , close to Pozo de Cadaveres . This secret passage is revealed to you by Yaniel **. Now that he knows that this riddle is totally optional, let’s see the method to solve it.

Now, before starting, we must point out that technically you can solve this with only running the traps and clicking on the banner itself. Depending on your configuration of difficulty and the type of character you have running, your HP, resistors, if you have been magically improved or not, you can survive this. But, if that is not the case, we have the complete solution for you in a screenshot below . We have marked the correct sequence here, so make sure you have placed the camera correctly as shown in the screenshot, and follow our instructions to solve it. Once everything is in the exact order, some demon will be generated, so get ready for a fight **.

The correct sequence to solve the Drezen Sword of Valor Puzzle.