Today, September 7, the featured lesson begins with Spink in Pokémon Go. He will also receive more star dust during the event, so the lesson should not miss. We will show you the most important information.

What kind of event is that? Every Tuesday there is a call time of attention in Pokémon Go. During the event, a Pokémon chosen by developers will appear much more frequently in the game. In addition, there is an active bonus that will make the event even tastier for you.

Today, September 7, the third generation of psycho-Pokémon Spink is the focus of the event. There is also a bonus that gives you more of the coveted star powder.

Spotlight lesson with Spark – start time and bonus

When is the beginning Today’s focus time begins at 6:00 p.m. at the usual time. Then you can enjoy the event for a full hour. Around 7:00 p.m., engenders should be normalized again and the bonus should be deactivated.

Take advantage of these bonuses today: During Spotlight Hour, Spout will appear in almost anywhere in nature. This is the first great bonus of the event. In addition, each capture of a Pokémon gives you twice as many star dust. Use a star piece to earn even more of the coveted resource.


Is there brilliant spook? Yes, you can trap Shiny SpoWN in Pokémon Go since 2019.

Is it worth the lesson of Spotlight with Spark?

How strong is it nor sparte ni Groink are Pokémon to those who can be called particularly strong attackers. They fight well for the average, but they have much better alternatives. As a psycho-pokémon, you must take attackers like mewtwo or Latios with you to the incursions.

We show you the best attacking psychopaths in Pokémon Go in a great description.

For bright hunters, on the other hand, the event can be worth it today. There are possibilities to take advantage of Shiny Spout.

In addition, there is the star dust bonus, which makes the event really worth it today. Just for that reason, today’s attention lesson should be lost.

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What do you think of the perspective of the time center today? Is this an event that you take off or are you jumping the lesson this time? Many more exciting dates await you in the coming weeks. All September 2021 events in Pokémon Go can be found here.