God of War: Ascension is an action-adventure game created by Santa Monica Studio as well as released by Sony Computer system Home Entertainment (SCE). The video game was first released on March 12, 2013, for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) console. It is the seventh installation in the God of War series and also a prequel to the entire collection. Loosely based upon Greek mythology, the game is embeded in old Greece with revenge as its central concept. The player regulates the protagonist, Kratos, the previous slave of the God of War Ares, who tricked Kratos right into killing his spouse as well as daughter. In feedback to this misfortune, Kratos renounced Ares, breaking his blood vow to the god. Kratos was, therefore, sent to prison and tortured by the 3 Furies, guardians of honor and enforcers of penalty. Helped by the oath keeper, Orkos, Kratos escapes his jail time and challenges the Fierceness, aiming to totally free himself of his bond to Ares.
The gameplay is comparable to previous installments, concentrating on combo-based fight with the gamer’s major weapon, the Blades of Mayhem, and other weapons obtained by the new World Weapons auto mechanic. It continues making use of double-quick time occasions and also adds a brand-new, promptless, free-form system. 4 wonderful assaults as well as a power-enhancing ability can be made use of as different battle choices, and also the game features problems and also platforming components. Rising is the only installment in the collection to consist of multiplayer, which is online-only as well as includes settings for both competitive and cooperative play. It also includes a revamped combat system, brand-new gameplay mechanics, as well as downloadable content. From October 2012 to March 2013, a social experience was available online in the form of a visuals unique titled Rise of the Warrior, a prequel tale that linked right into the game’s single-player and also multiplayer modes.
God of Battle: Rising received usually beneficial reviews from doubters, that commended its basic gameplay and spectacle as true to the collection, although the tale was deemed to be much less compelling than in previous installations. The video game’s multiplayer component received combined feedbacks: although customers located that the gameplay equated well right into the multiplayer setup, they slammed the balance and also deepness of combat. Rising sold less well than its predecessors and got no awards, yet it did receive a number of nominations, including Outstanding Success in Videogame Writing at the Writers Guild of America Videogame Honors and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences award for Superior Achievement in Audio Style.

Already in a few days Sony will be hot-teen in the PS5 showcase in around 40 minutes and so far unannounced PS5 games to look forward to which fans can look forward to. Shortly before the spectacle seepers more and more information about the event that hope for a big festival for Sony fans.

You can expect that from the PS5 showcase

God of War Inventor David Jaffe reports on his Youtube channel extremely euphoric from the upcoming event. He does not know the entire spectrum of games to be shown, but the information he has had to hope for a big event:

I will not tell you what everything will be there, and I do not know everything, but I know a handful of things and you will not be disappointed if you are looking for the traditional, great first-party titles of PlayStation are.

He also adds in a tweet that people will lose their minds if they want to attend the event. This lets you hope for groundbreaking new announcements that fans have been waiting for a long time or at least unexpectedly come:

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Which games could be there? Unfortunately, Jaffe does not know if the new God of was one of the PS5 games to be shown during events. The co-moderator of the Xboxera podcast, shpeshal_nick, on the other hand, is sure that the next God of was shown. The well-networked leader has learned about his anonymous sources that the game will be part of the PS5 showcase.

In addition, the Infamous series should get a new part that is revealed as part of the event. Here, however, Leaker Nick Baker adds that we should enjoy this information with caution, as he himself could not verify this information yet:

Month of the Mad God - 2015 vs. 2020

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The PS5 event is greater than expected

Of course, we should enjoy all this information with caution. Although both persons are well-connected industry insiders, SHPESHAL_NICK was sometimes along with his statements.

However, we can be sure that we expect a big event with the PS5 showcase. Sony has even created its own trailer for the event, which gives us a taste of us with imposing music, what we can expect:

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So you take part in the event

The PS5 showcase finds on 9 . September 2021 at 22 o’clock German time to take place. The event can be tracked on both Youtube and Twitch. You can look forward to a total of 40 minutes full of new announcements and updates to already announced titles for PS5.

All information about the event can be found here:

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Unfortunately, there is little information about what is presented this evening. Relatively sure, Horizon Forbidden West is shown, which appears in February 2022.

Other hot tips are Final Fantasy 16, the PS5 version of GTA 5 and God of War. Maybe Deathloop also gets a new trailer again. The innovative shooter appears a few days after the presentation, on 14 September.

What games would have to be shown so that you are so excited about the event as Jaffe?