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The NFL has reported new regulations for the activation of players from the International Pathway Program: Players who start the season as part of the Pathway Program can still be transported in the active squad during the season in the future.

In the Memo of the League, so-called International Players can be carried in the active squad during the season, provided that they previously abandoned the status as part of the International Practice Squad and then at least three consecutive games – a Bye Week counts as a game – have spent as a regular member of the Practice Squad.

First, all players who are part of the International Pathway Program are with a team, an additional special place in the Practice Squad and thus take the teams away during the season none of the regular twelve practice squad-square. So far, it was so that a player who begins the season on this special place can not be raised in the active squad during the season. He trains only with the team, but may not play.

The new rule changes this, and gives the international players so the chance to get even more playing time. If a player is now convincing in training during the season, a team can decide to get him prematurely in the active squad – but must give up the practice squad specialty.

If a team has given up the additional square square during the season as part of the International Program, the team can not declare the player again as internationally players during the current season and retain the additional practice squad square.

How does the NFL Pathway program work?

The NFL Pathway program was launched to increase the global range of the league – and to tie the fans of other countries to the league over the identification with individual players. The program started in 2017 and has the goal of giving foreign talents a longer-term chance of a square square in the NFL.

For this, the league per season gives every team of a particular division – this year it is the NFC West – the opportunity to commit an international player from the program.

The German linebacker Aaron Donkor may prove itself within the program at the Seattle Seahawks this year, the 26-year-old from Göttingen currently completes the season preparation with the Seahawks. In Arizona, the Austrian Bernhard Seikovits (Tight End) may try.

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The Munich defensive End David Bada, who had participated in the program in 2020, remains in the coming season at the Washington Football team in the NFC East and is currently struggling for a place in the active squad.