FAR CRY 6 will be published on October 7, 2021 for both PCs and the current and disadvantaged knee consoles (PlayStation and Xbox). The Game World Designer Ben Hall revealed to the Designer Ben that the joy is taken out of the new consoles at the level of 4K and 60 FPS. However, a good gaming experience is permitted both at parent and current console.

See the whole interview here in the Designer Ben.

Procedural World Generation of Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 | Etienne Carrier | Houdini HIVE Utrecht

_ “WHEN IT COMES TO THE THE GENERATIONAL DIFERENCES BETWEEN THE GAMES. WE REALLY HAVE THE MADSET AND THE VISION FROM THE MINE START THIS WE WANTED TO MAKE SURE THIS THIS WAS GOING TO BE A SUPER SOLID GAME ON GEN-4 [Meaning Cetaneous to PS4 , AKA Last-Gen Or More Accurately Gen-8] Consoles, So That Was The Reason Why We Wanted To Make Silering That This Game Was Something That Everyone Could Get Their Hands On And Enjoy, and Then Look At What We Could Do With The Excitement of the New Generation of Consoles, BUT ALSO MAKE SURE THAT IT WASN’T GOING TO, IN ANY WAY, IMPACT THE EXPERIENCE THAT PEOPLE WAS GOING TO HAVE ON GEN 4 “.

“So, With The New Consoles You Are Going To Be Able To Experience Full 4k, 60 FPS With The HD Texture Pack, And Utilising The Faster Loading Times And Everything That Comes With Those Consoles To Really Just Give You Like A Super Smooth Experience, A Silky-Smooth, High-Resolution Experience. But THEN WHEN YOU’RE RUNNING ON A GEN 4 MACHINE, Obviously, Everything That We’ve Built We Had to Make Sure Is Running Super Solid On Those Machines. So It’s Been A Lot Of Effort Put In The Past Months (…) And It’s Been An Extra Challenge for The Team – We Employed The Best Team In The World To Be There for This “.