A multiplayer computer game is a video game in which even more than one individual can play in the same game environment at the very same time, either in your area (e.g. Brand-new Super Mario Bros. Wii) or online (e.g. Globe of Warcraft, Call Of Task). Multiplayer video games typically need gamers to share a single game system or usage networking modern technology to play with each other over a greater distance; gamers might complete against one or even more human entrants, job en masse with a human companion to achieve an usual goal, or manage various other players’ task. As a result of multiplayer video games enabling players to connect with various other individuals, they supply a component of social communication absent from single-player video games.

Last month PlayStation launched a promotion that allowed players to get a membership of PlayStation Plus from one year halfway. If you lost you, then do not worry, since a new promotion has come, that although it is not as good as the above, you should definitely take an eye.

As of today, until September 9, 2021, you have the opportunity to get a month of PS plus for just one dollar, that is, little more than $ 20 Mexican pesos . However, this only applies for new users or who already have an expired subscription, so you can not add this month to your current subscription this month.

To take advantage of it, it is enough for you to open the application of the ps store on your console, you go to the section of ps plus and from there you select that promotion. Important noting that when taking advantage of the promotion, automatic renewal will be activated, so we suggest you deactivate it if you do not have intended to continue subscribed to the service.