Rustler wants to be like GTA 2 – only in the Middle Ages and with Monty Python painting. Unfortunately, the game is stumbling in exactly these two basic ideas. Can the numerous allusions to other games, music tape and films Grand Theft Horse save?

Rustler for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Switch is strongly geared to the first GTA parts, especially part 2. As setting, however, there is no big city with gang wars from our time, but a medieval Open World. Except for the setting is almost everything as in GTA. Instead of Prototy sports cars or cheaper carts, however, bring us horses with different advantages and disadvantages through the world.

Instead of using baseball weapons and handguns, we equip our protagonist guy with swords, long-sleeved and a crossbow. And who fears, the gestile car radiomusic from GTA could be missing high to Gaul, may afford a Bard-to-Go.

Despite the settings in the dark age, Rustler also offers individual modern elements. For example, the police horses brings blue lights on the heads that lit the hunt for Guy, there are holy hand grenades inspired by Monty Python (as in Worms) and Pimp My Horse and Pimp My Horse can be painted our horse. Logic does not play too much in Rustler, but that does not bother.


Drunk awakening

The game start provides a slightly strange and somehow unnecessary realfilm intro, followed by a camera shot that leads to the game. Nevertheless, this first sequence is quite atmospheric. Here and there someone lies on a house roof, on another is a cow, and again on another someone #vanitas wrote.

These impressions follow our getting to know each other Guy, who wakes up drunk and in the middle of the unpaved village street, continues to further and beat themselves with another man. The story is the purest cliché and is likely to be known most of the players from numerous films, games or series: the buffoous guy simple origin, who still lives with his chip mother, wants to participate in a tournament and win – not only In order to gain immeasurable wealth, but also to win the hand of the princess. Well, and that’s already in the main story.

The life of the trouble view

Until the time has come, Guy has to fulfill a number of co-missions for different clients. Belongs to the Holy Grail, as in GTAS Rampages on time arbitrarily passant * to scare or kill (disguised as a Sensenmann), steal horses (Rustler means livestock), people to persuade people , Naked women resuphape their clothes, to beat cows to the slaughter, etc. Does everything sound absurd? It is.

The history is transmitted and supported by nishigen, but also stateless humor. Which band (s) do we find on the beach? Right, the Beach Boys! Oh yes and the Witcher 3, Ne!? In Rustler, there’s so a quest, which means ‘blood and wine’! Krass! Well, not. In many places, the desired humoristic effect runs completely inside the emptiness, in other places, just at the beginning of the game, this still works quite well.

Quickly the cooking but calculable therefore. But Rustler does not try to be subtle and papes a GAG to the next. No template remains unused, no matter how superfluous or inappropriate it seems.

Guy cuddles with trees

No, our Rustler protagonist is anything but a Tree Hugger, but the hackling control sticks guy with any opportunity for trees or objects. Whether with or without horse. In fact, it is even worse on horseback, because the Rösser have a much too big turning circle that would fit a car rather.

What fits in GTAS vehicles, however, does not match the motor skills of a horse. Many mechanics acquired from GTA do not fit well in this game world. Almost every quest where it has to go fast, it is made so many – and there are many of them.

Save on computer? That costs! At the beginning, only a single memory point is available on the entire map, which makes the failure of missions especially annoying. Checkpoints are available for missionary start. This is far from sufficient, because if a quest fails, for example because Guy sticks to a tree, fence or bast basket, we have to go back to the checkpoint. This is often set so that we have to complete all the dialogues and running pathways again. That gets pretty frustrating quickly and eats time.

Every now and then there were also bugs , because of which quests could not be completed and had to be restarted. For example, the first part of the Sensenmann quest series does not work if we are accompanied by a bare. In the course of another task, Guy drilled, while he was far away from the water on the beach.

Yes, Guy can not swim, which is credible but annoying. And if we want to display more tips in the charging screen, among other things, because the tutorial is too short at the beginning, they do not charge. From time to time, Questmarker did not disappear after completing the task, so Guy was surrounded by colorful arrows.

Smaller discrepancies was at the beginning of Rustler at the protagonist picture next to the text window: Guy actually has a blue eye. A text window later this has disappeared, another text window then it is back. Speaking of texts: In the German version, individual letters are always missing and there are some word jokes, such as Guy and his buddy Buddy.

Imagine There’s No Heaven …

Rustler is not made for each * n and seems consciously to be exclusive. Female characters are reduced to rolls like naked Kurtisan in the lake, which the male hero has to bring back the stolen dresses, and other clichés. The men, on the other hand, are somehow almost all the same: weaving, buffigious and buddy or angry.

They talk about fat pussies, childish quarrels and other mackerous stuff. The quest Ladyboy even tends to record transfalial trains. Guy is supposed to put on the clothes of a woman … and finds it all, very bad.

That then references to enable John Lennon with Imagine and Queens I Want To Break Free, it looks not very credible overlooking the flat and partially stylish story.

Amocarp: What was already tasteless in GTA, 20 years later is not better. Rampages can also be found in the Middle Ages in different variations. One of our tasks is to disguise Guy as a Sensenmann and to kill people arbitrarily on time.

The justification of the cemetery guard, from whatever the side quest comes, why we should do that: there are too few people. Okay, that’s cheap, not imaginative, and the mechanics is copied as well as already criticized by GTA many times and well.

But … Monty Python! That the Rustler development team has a preference for Monty Python is obvious. Unfortunately almost too obvious, because the GAGs were largely 1: 1 taken from the films and pressed without connection into the game. We meet the Spanish Inquisition, the Black Knight and so on – and nothing to let us go right.

A GAG follows the next, as out of the machine gun. The first direct reference maybe may be a bit funny, but that was already. In the episode, everything is somehow predictable and dull.

More copy as your own creativity

Those who take strong, big video game franchises like Rockstars GTA and comic legends like Monty Python to the role model, puts the latte so damn high. This awakens expectations. Players not know the corresponding films, music groups and video games, but do not understand a large part of the references. What then remains to humor is left on fecal language and flat jokes.

Since Rustler hardly offers something owned by the Middle Ages setting and the game is also shaggy, it gives away a lot of potential. The extremely annoying control, combined with an unreasonable storage system, makes the initially positive impression quickly the gardue. That’s a pity, because the basic idea is great, but Rustler will not just live up to his role models.

Rustler is not a consistently bad game and an entire time is even fun, but sometime, the reasonably varied missions and the cool setting with all his allusions to the works of others rich no longer. The joy is therefore only short duration.

But whoever finds GTA 2 and Monty Python and can overlook Rustlers deficits as well as the 1: 1 acquisitions and just want to experience a stupid GAG after another, Rustler could quite fallen over the approximately ten play hours.