Gamestop gives away a great item to all players from Pokémon Sword & Shield: a special dynacrystall with which your Gigadynamax Duraludon can meet. We explain how you come to the new code – and how you leases him.

Dynakristall dust: Gamestop skin free codes out

For Pokémon players is currently worth looking at the new action page of Gamestop. The online shop has launched a new free event for all Pokémon Sword & Shield players, which is so worthwhile.

Who deposits his mail address on the website, gets for free an Ingame code for a new dynacrystall . This dynacry gives you the opportunity to trigger an encounter with Gigadynamax-Duraludon . Who fights the huge Hochhaus-Pokémon, can catch it with a little luck.

To the free action by Gamestop

Anyone who wants to catch the Pokémon must hurry. The action is only running by 27 September 2021 – After that you can not secure free code for the dynacrystall over the action page.

To solve the gift code in Pokémon Sword & Shield

After you have received your code via mail from Gamestop, you would have to redeem this directly in the game to dust the dynacrystall. For this you are as follows:

  • Starts Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield.
  • Opens the game menu with the X button and selects secret gift .
  • Then select the sub-item Receive secret gift .
  • Now select the option received by serial code / password . Your game is now saved, and an internet connection is manufactured.
  • Now give the code you received via mail from Gamestop.

To the free action by Gamestop

After this process is successfully completed, you should find a new dynacrystal with the label ☆ SGR7121 in your inventory.

To put Gigadynamax-Duraludon, you now travel to watchtower ruin in the nature zone and yokes the dynacrystall into the Pokémon Nest. After a short sequence, Gigadynamax-Duraludon appears and the fight begins. Much luck!