Meaghan Bowe, narrative writer of legends of rutneterra , and better known as Rioter Zagnette, said that the League of Legends champion named Nami, lives a polyamorous relationship. This relationship would be with the Characters Tama, the singer Marai and Lotus, the Abisal Guard, who are present in the League of Legends card game.

The confirmation of this fact about Nami’s life occurred after a question by the user Shajamon: _ I have realized that Nami and two of his followers, lotus and Tama, call themselves dear ones, And that Nami flames heart and soul. Do you have a relationship together? _

That same day, Zagnette answered: _ Yes, they are! In Lor, we had the opportunity to show the unique character and diversity of Marai. We wanted to show how brave is Nami in his search and how much he has to lose. _

From this confirmation, the Communities of Lor and League of Legends are clear that Nami is bisexual, while some fans also suggest that perhaps the character is Pansexual.

Legends of Runeterra is being a perfect platform for Riot Games to delve into various aspects of the huge template of champions within League of Legends. The descriptions of the cards and their own designs are betting on talking about certain very important issues in terms of representation and diversity. As always, there is a lot of desire to meet the key characters of this world and cases like Nami allow us to give it a more complex layer to its history, as it loves two people and has to say goodbye to them to follow their search for All Runaterra.

On Twitter and also in Reddit subforces, members of the community celebrated the fact:

Nami: Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends
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