On his Facebook page, FC Hertha 03 Zehlendorf anchored the addition Team to Win. And for truly, consider the still young season, this motto is fully justified. On Wednesday, the Zehlendorfer slouched the SFC star in 1900 in the city duel with 4: 0 and show the balance of three wins from three games without a single goal. To play in Steglitz: First Hertha was 03 for inspiration, which went to the exposure of the offensive. Immediately before the break, Stein brought the guests with a so-called can penalty in the lead. This was obviously a true psycho booster for the nulldreians, who after the break at once celebrated football and between the 61st and 74th minute by RUPP, again stone and long hammer (both headed by head) to 4: 0. After the game midfielder Jason Rupp sent a little fight to the league: With our team spirit, we can play a good role this season.

Oberliga Nofv-Nord

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The first pursuer in a logically narrow table screen set a similar thick exclamation point: the MSV neuruppin reached the SC Staak 1919 a 4: 1. An own goal of Blumenthal (33.) Akyüz already followed a pointer revolution later 2-0. Lemke brought the climber after a corner (56.), in the final phase improved Akyüz (84th) and pilgrimage (88) the SCS goal ratio.

Volkan ULUC experiences as a coach of the Charlottenburger FC Hertha 06 A wave pool of the feelings: Went his debut on the 2nd match day with 6: 1 against Stendal spectacular over the stage, the journey to the blue-white 90 Berlin ended with a setback. At 2-0 Angel and Mensah made the former Bundesliga club, which had to thank Torwart Hinz, but when he parried a penalty in the second half of 0: 0 in the second half.

Otherwise, Eintracht Stahnsdorf had to settle for two wins at the start with a partial success (0: 0 against the Ludwigsfelder FC), the Brandenburg SC Süd 05 remains after the 0: 2 in Stendal further pointless and the TSG Neustrelitz has still no one after two games Victory, since drive to the Rostock FC also ended with a 0: 2. Late goals helped the MSV Pampow against FC Mecklenburg Schwerin – rice met in the 84th minute to the decisive 1-0 – and the SV Victoria Seelov at Eintracht Mahlsdorf – a Schubert penalty to the 2: 1 in the 88th minute gave the rash – To her first wins in the still young season.