First and foremost it was a very unfortunate defeat, Hütter looked back at Dazn to the 1: 2 in Berlin. The Austrian emphasized that one had well played. We are then arrested by two individual mistakes. In view of the playful, the 51-year-old wanted to precipitate his protégés, but he covers the decision-making of his eleven – both at the last pass and immediately before 0: 2. We have to make a tactical foul.

The defensive behavior also criticized Jonas Hofmann. We are four-counter-two and we do not defend that, watch only, said the midfielder and realized that one had too naively. The 29-year-old praised the strong opponent, but the defeat also led back to missing ideas in front. We have combined well, but had too little deep runs. It is also a simple solution asked, which we did not find.

For Herrmann was not all bad

Patrick Herrmann had also seen positive things. It was not all bad, said the substitute attacker. At the two goals, they have been not happy, before being not not bad in the game: We had a lot of possession of possession, were also good in the two fights in it. Herrmann also stated that at the end was simply too little. Since we have to go to their own nose.

Now it applies to gather in the country break and then score in Augsburg. Because one thing is clear, as Hütter said, If it’s going to the points, we must not be satisfied. We had a heavy starting program, despite everything we have to find ourselves so that we do not run the chapel.

Game day pictures 3. Matchday 2021/22