From the Taiwan independent Japan reveals team Extreme Edge Studio developed the soul Action rpg memory border , today (27) Japan reveals a new forecast, And touched the date of listing.

The story of memory border occurs in a world of alchemy, and the kingdom of the plague is in countless monsters. Players will play the protagonist Patient, carrying the observation of the plague antibody to step on the journey, and the truth will be found on the road. Players must choose to destroy the plague, or let the kingdom are arrogant.

This work is subject to the ancient century plague doctor 放 放 血, whenever the preparation causes damage to the enemy, the energy in the enemy will be four overflow in the air, and the attack can be absorbed through the claws.

Players can also learn the plague on the enemy, help to the crow amplify the weapon library. Through the captured plague, the blade on the hand can be converted into a double-handed long, and it is possible to instantly manufacture a large amount of damage, or form a giant sickle, and the range is sweeping.

This preview showing more Patches to translate the weapon, in addition to the river with the sickle, you can wave the hammer and use the arrow.

Not only to show weapons diversity through the fighting fragment, the film starts to wear a gentleman hat, the enemy holding the crutches, from the battle scene, it is possible to be one of the heads.

Memory Border is expected to be on December 7 this year, and you can track the relevant news to lock _ official face book _ or _ official tweet _.

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