The action of Huang Tour has always given a stiffness, not smooth impression, which is usually a technical issue. Of course, it is to trap in a discrepan, or the scene is caught in a scenario?), Of course, there is also a masterpiece. Including the author’s previous evaluation, ハ ハ ミ 深 深 の, slipping to me too late.

And this time, it is Magic Sword Incubus (Magic Sword INCUBUS) made by the first-season community Brianode. At first, the author saw 3D modeling a bit retreats three steps, after all, there were many thunders, because most of the yellow tour is not a full-time developer, there will always be some hindle, or if you want to make it, as long as there is Sexual love.

But this is said that the author is amazing, the movement is smooth, the sound is very much, and the optimization is good and not eating effect. There is no kind of clear special effect, the super-small Sword is the inexplicable Carton, such as the engine, environment. Status. More importantly, the Sword actually has a free suspension of photographic model, so that you should take a moment of gorgeous and handsome moments.

The story of Magic Sword Incubus is very simple. Players play a lord’s daughter Ami Tia, and have to set the contract with the magic sword INCUBUS in the home in order to eliminate the invasion. INCUBUS is Dream, faithfully, will definitely pay some cost. In order to get the power of the magic sword, the Sword opened a taboo of my brothers and discounted love.

Then it is a series of unparalleled monsters. Although the Sword is 3D modeling, it is 2D horizontal mode of action, the trigger mode of the moving campaign, what + attack, → ↓ → + magic, etc., as the Sword will open the secret watch of the secret.

The most god is that there are many consecutive combination and derived skills. These moves can be suspended at any time, but also listening to the animation demonstration in the menu, as long as you do more exercises, you can’t stop the enemy defense Powerful advice. And the support is good, and there is no problem with the Dualshock 4 of PS. If some instructions are more difficult to play, there are two sets of shortcuts to set, let you one in place. Be careful, don’t press it, the magic is fired.

As for the enemy’s part is quite rich, from the nausea frog that will attract the attack, the green skin or shells go to the dark spirits and Harppare, there should be. The proportion of female enemies is more unexpected, but all all are facial paralysis, it is a pity that is more unfortunate.

Of course, the ugly creature is also a lot. Although I have seen what kind of creative of Huang Toy, I have never seen it, but it may be because of the fine modeling, sometimes using the camera mode, close to see it. , Let the whole work of the heterogeneous rape is not so practical, especially Shrem, grow like a sputum)

In order to wash your eyes, it is temporarily entered a five-piece shot of the War Church Women’s Cavaliers.

Although it looks handsome, this is actually a three people, the top two still come together, the redhead is super strong, and the mob in the way is completely unmatched. Fortunately, every time a player will get a prompt. In fact, there is a shield to break, the bulletproof attack and the invincible dodge, but these are all traditional press, like the magic will shield, it is a broken defense Good trick, but if you can’t get it, you will take a magic, you need to exercise a little.

Magic Sword Incubus

For the whole, it is quite challenging. When we monsten in the previous road, let you simply think that there is no brainless slash Sword , and finally let you die and die again and again, I really don’t know if it is Trap delimitly design.

The battle is really refreshing. The author thinks the biggest fun or his photo mode can be paused at any time (some time point cannot be can’t), capture beautiful moments.

However, in fact, BOSS is better than the female enemy. It is not easy to find a suitable angle, but it is not easy to have a time point, but because this less function also makes me play, I’m more fun. Scenes.

Do you think this is the end? Of course there is! This Sword actually has a dressing room system, but it is not a simple graphic appreciation. Not only have multiple sets of clothing to change (the way to play ordinary difficulties can gradually unlock), you can also let the female owner make a variety of expressions, too evil! This is … Is this a rhythm of DLC?

Since this is Huang Toy, I believe that many people feel that they have not said attention. There is of course appreciative functions, and don’t deliberately defeat, customs clearance can be recycled, quite convenient. However, it may be because it takes time to spend on the battle with other systems. Although the H animation of this work is more, there are 30 kinds of battle h, 5 kinds of defeated plots, but it is a bit rough and monotonous, and it is really disgusting as before. I can’t afford it. Compared to the various strangers of the women’s owners in the locker room, it is more shot (full man).

Overall, the Sword is slightly disappointed as Huang Toy, but it is still a highly recommended action master Sword, which is more challenged to replay than it. The modeling of the heroine is also very fragrant, leaving the Sword will also pay with you (having enough people) and have dubbing, but the plot paragraph is great, but at least turned to the clouds and rain.

Finally, it is not automatically archived! Since there is no so-called stretch option, the author has a painful experience (the level is heavy 15, etc. …), remember to manually archive!

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