Xuan-Yuan Sword (Chinese: 軒轅劍, essentially Sword of the Xuan-Yuan) is a collection of Taiwanese role-playing computer game for computers created by the DOMO Studio (DOMO小組/ 多魔小組) of Softstar Home Entertainment Inc. (大宇資訊) based in Taiwan. The video games integrate components of Chinese folklore in addition to historical figures and events.
In time immemorial, the Xuan-Yuan Sword was possessed by Yellow Emperor of ancient China to defend the ancient Chinese against the warlord Chi You as well as his hostile subjects. After Chi You’s loss, the future for the five-thousand-year-old history of China was safeguarded, as well as the Sword was handed down from Yellow Emperor to future generations to remain to defend the world against wickedness. As a result of its world power, the sword was commonly sought by treacherous people to further their own ends.
A reoccuring thing of the series is the Beast Fusion Vessel (Lian Yao Hu, 煉妖壺), developed by the goddess Nüwa in emulation of the Immortal Development Ding (造物仙鼎) to clean the world. Within the Vessel stays a never-ceasing entity called the Spirit in the Vessel. The Vessel’s powers are to take in nonhuman animals, and also to alter them into other animals or items.

Developers and Publisher EastasiaSoft has announced that Xuan Yuan Sword 7 – the latest part of the legendary Chinese roleplaying series, which celebrates this summer celebrates its console debut in the West – on September 30 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One appears.

On the occasion of this announcement, a new trailer has been published, which contains gameplay scenes from the gaming console versions. The focus of the trailer is the close relationship between brother and sister. The gameplay scenes focus on the fight and the upgrade system.

The console versions of Xuan Yuan Sword 7 were announced at the end of April and are a result of cooperation between Eastasiasoft, SoftStar and Domo Studio. They appear soon and offer console players in the West for the first time the opportunity to experience the series existing for 30 years.

That we bring the Xuan Yuan Sword series to the West with Xuan Yuan Sword 7, is great, says Joshua M French, Community Manager of Eastasiasoft. Everyone who is interested in Chinese mythology or for action role games will be enthusiastic about this latest part, which was designed as an entry point for a completely new audience.

The latest part of the series is based on dynamic real-time fights and tells the independent history of the Hero Taishi Zhao – what Xuan Yuan Sword 7 makes a perfect entry for new players. The retail editions are produced in collaboration with maximum games and are available in all major retailers in North America, Europe and Australia or directly via Store.Maximumgames.com/products/xuan-yuan-sword-7.

About Xuan Yuan Sword 7: Xuan Yuan Sword 7 plays 2000 years ago in China, towards the end of the rule of the early Han. The player slips into the role of the noble swordsman Taishi Zhao and follows the trace of a mysterious bamboo strip from the tomb of the margrave of Liu. The Bambustälchen promised prosperity, but only brought hunger and suffering. To protect his family and to fathom the truth behind this catastrophe, Taishi Zhao goes on a journey through a mythological empire full of any otherwise world creatures, who troke him after life.

During his journey, Taishi Zhao has to master numerous fighting techniques. With the Elysium scroll, which he carries with him, he can slow down the time to absorb monsters or change the environment. Values ​​your armor and weapons, develop passive skills and learn new techniques. Block, switch off and parere to take no damage in this spooky kingdom.

Xuan Yuan Sword 7 is a tribute to the landscape, civilization and culture of ancient China, crossed by the mysterious aura of the Legends former. The Story of Xuan Yuan Sword 7 is deeply rooted in the history and mythology of ancient China and awakens this world as an equally fantastic and chaotic empire under the rule of a new Xin dynasty to live. Experience the last moments of the Mohists – the supporter of an ancient philosophy of logic, rational thinking and science, which was once so popular in China as Confucianism ago 2200 years ago.