Valve finally launched the expected Patch of Dota 7.30 on Wednesday. After months of waiting, players will finally see the patch they will use for International 10. The patch has brought several changes to neutral items, heroes and changes of articles.

General changes in patch 7.30

Some of the main changes to take into account for the casual player are the additional neutral elements of each level and the changes of water rune. Players will now get five neutral elements at each level instead of four. This means that the lower five position can now obtain a neutral element within the first ten minutes. The water runes now give ps lower, thanks to the patch.

In addition, punishments for players who lose the line are more severe than before. The damage made in the central lane will feel more shocking, since there will be less chance of healing. The second Roshan will not fall cheese either.

Perhaps one of the most important changes for DOTA as ESPORT is the change order change. The second selection phase in a draft will now be Dire / Radiant / Radiant / Direction. This gives the second election a great advantage, being able to see the heroes of the opponent before.

Changes of neutral items

This patch eliminated several neutral elements of the game and replaced them by new ones. Here is the list of all the neutral elements that leave the game:

Forza 7: The Final Update

Iron Discolor Discolo Brush Iron Claw Iron Layer Layer of Minotaur Orb Destruction Ballista Here are all neutral elements eliminated on patch 7.30 | Provided by: Valve

With the elimination of neutral elements, there are new ones who are entering the game, here are the new ones that are arriving:

Pig Poletumbler’s Toybrigand’s Bladefae Grenadeblast Rigascetic’s Capneutral items that are added to the game. | Provided by: Valvetodos Neutral elements added Part 2 | Provided by: Valve

Hero changes on DOTA patch 7.30

There is a significant amount of hero changes that come with this patch. Redesigned many fragments of Aghanim for a better balance. In addition to the changes of fragments, many improvements from Aghanim scepter have also changed. Some notable changes to consider are the new Broodmother Spinner’s Snare’s Skill and the Bristleback Nasal Goo Scepter. Both saw nerfs in this patch.

Along with the changes in Shard and Scepttre, many heroes have changed their full kits. Tinker is a hero that went through significant changes in this patch. March of the Machines is now a fragment, and Defense Matrix is ​​now the third spell of Tinker. Tinker can no longer grow with March of the Machines without a significant gold investment. Instead, it opens up new ways so that Tinker is played in the support position in a different game style.

The basic metahéroes such as Luna, Viper and Winter Wyvern have received light nerfs, which forces teams to change their selections. It will be incredibly interesting to see how the goal will be developed as the teams approach The International 10.

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